Manchester United: What is expected of new coach Ralph Ranik?

Manchester United: What is expected of new coach Ralph Ranik?
Manchester United: What is expected of new coach Ralph Ranik?

November 26, 2021

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Ralf Ranik won the German Cup with Schalke in 2011 and led Leipzig to the German Cup runner-up in 2019

German Ralf Ranik will coach Manchester United on a temporary basis until the end of the current football season.

Ranik will succeed Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who left the club this month, and after Ranik’s first six months with United, he will take an advisory role with the famous English club for another two years.

But what prompted the Manchester United management to sign Ranik? What kind of coach is he? Is he likely to achieve success with the team, and what will his role require after the end of the season?

To answer all these questions, the BBC contacted Lutz Wannestel, who previously worked with Ranik at Hoffenheim, and former Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs, who played under Ranik at Schalke 04, and also spoke to European sports journalists Rafael Hunstein. Guillaume Balaghi and Julia Lawrence.

The best man in the coaches market

The appointment of Ralf Ranik is the result of a comprehensive recruitment process undertaken by Manchester United’s management, which was influenced by the initial negotiations it conducted earlier this week with the German coach.

The 63-year-old has built an impressive coaching reputation during his career in Germany, primarily through spells with Stuttgart, Hannover, Hoffenheim, Schalke 04 and Leipzig.

Ranik will join Manchester United, who is in eighth place in the English Premier League standings – the Premier League – as the team lost the way of victories under the leadership of Solskjaer, whose last game saw the Red Devils lose to Watford by four goals to one, which is the team’s fourth defeat in the last five league matches. .

Raphael HonsteinA similar offer was made available for Ranik with Chelsea not long ago, and he rejected the offer. In the case of Manchester United, we find three different things.

First, the offer came from Manchester United, a club that still has a special place in it. Frannik is a lover of English football, and a lover of the English, he studied and lived in England.

Secondly, the contract will be for six months, which means that there are still two-thirds of the English championship remaining, meaning that we have a lot of matches ahead.

Third, United told coach Ranik that the club might need him to work for a short time as a coach, but they also told him that the team needed to draw on his footballing experience after that period. This comes at a time when management is changing somewhat, as the club will be led by a new CEO, with an openness to bringing in more footballing experience from abroad.

I think United’s management thought about it as follows: “Can we repeat the experience of Thomas Tuchel with Chelsea?”, and that the team move to a better position and perform better.

Lutz Vannestel: Ralf is a great expert, and he is really one of the best German coaches to have appeared in the last fifteen or twenty years.

So, looking at the new interim head coach of United, I think he’s the only one who can put things back in order in the team. I think it was probably better than in the coaching market.

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Ranik is seen as a coach who can build teams and it takes time

Julia LawrenceHe is one of the best thinkers in football for the past 20 years and has been an inspiration to all the distinguished German coaches.

But he’s someone who builds a team, that’s what he does, and you don’t do that in six months. He knows English football, but has never coached or played there before.

It’s always interesting to watch a Ralph Ranik ball

Ranik’s treasury is modest, but his influence on the game is huge, not only as a coach and manager of football, but as a football thinker.

One of his biggest achievements is team building, specifically with Hoffenheim and Leipzig.

Lutz VannestelRanik’s football is very direct, it includes a lot of pressure, counterpressing and high quality football, which is always exciting and a must watch.

If you go back to the way Hoffenheim played, specifically Leipzig, I think what you can see is football full of very advanced pressure, putting the opposing team under constant pressure, forcing them to make mistakes.

Ranik is a very clear person, very direct, and most importantly, everything he does is for a clear purpose. He’s someone who doesn’t joke all day, he just gets the job done.

I think it fits perfectly for the Manchester United players, the style that football fans want to see at Old Trafford. I think Ralf will be another German coach who will succeed in making his mark and his legacy on the future of a club.

Christian FoxRanik has a very clear playing philosophy, in terms of playing and pressing, and that won’t change. He will work to interact with you personally, I was in Vienna playing a match with Austria, we had a drink together and talked for a long time about his philosophy with Hoffenheim.

But then he said, “At the moment, you’re not the right player for me.”

He was very straightforward and that’s what I appreciate, and two years later, he said, “I want to sign you now.”

It’s the little things that he focuses on, like positioning, when to push hard, and all of those things affect the game the most. Under his leadership of Schalke, I joined the Royal Blue – the title of Schalke – which is a big club and the expectations of its fans are always high, but he made me feel comfortable and appreciated. These kind of guys in management are very important in the game.

He knows what he wants, and he will ask the players to stay together and work hard together.

cloudy Balaghi: The guy’s job seems a bit temporary and challenging, if you’re working on building a new team, Ralph is the right choice.

He doesn’t stand for people who don’t want to change, and I think there are a lot of them at United. You have to be nice to people to move them toward the desired path. Is he cute?

The lack of clarity in decision-making was something that was missing at Manchester United.

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