Download and update the latest WhatsApp Golden Yellow Crown APK without ban • Phosphs site

Download and update the latest WhatsApp Golden Yellow Crown APK without ban • Phosphs site
Download and update the latest WhatsApp Golden Yellow Crown APK without ban • Phosphs site

Download WhatsApp Gold APK New Update: If you are confused about choosing the best modified WhatsApp application, then you do not need to worry about that, we are here to solve all your problems about choosing the best modified WhatsApp application, as one of the most important of these applications is the WhatsApp Gold APK application, which is The perfect application that will suit your use.

Golden WhatsApp

And since the WhatsApp Gold application is not available in the Google Play Store, we will direct you to the best way to enable you to download WhatsApp Gold, the new update, in addition to the ideal way to use it, if you want to know more about downloading WhatsApp Gold, please read the entire article and give us your valuable comment In the comments section.

Download Golden WhatsApp WhatsApp Gold New update from the official site

Information about WhatsApp Gold APK New Update

  • Application name: WhatsApp Gold.
  • License: Complimentary .
  • Version : 9.40 .
  • Evaluation : 4.7 .
  • the size : 48 megabytes.
  • file: APK .

NB : The WhatsApp Gold application has passed the security test and is free of any viruses or malware and does not contain any threats.

What is WhatsApp Gold?!

And WhatsApp Gold is a modified application from the official WhatsApp and is directed to Android phone users with unlimited amazing and exciting features, and it has become widely known for its amazing features.

WhatsApp Gold APK is a trusted modification of WhatsApp and used by millions of users. It also helps everyone to access many features that are not found in the original WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Gold is limited to one operating system, which is Android because it is considered the most widespread.

Features of the new golden WhatsApp Whatsapp dahabi

WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Gold
WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Gold

Ability to hide appearance: WhatsApp Gold enables you to hide your appearance during your use of the application, as well as giving you complete privacy.

Writing a longer WhatsApp status: By downloading WhatsApp Gold, you can write a longer WhatsApp status that reaches more than 255 characters instead of 130 characters, and it allows you to write whatever you want without controlling the program’s restrictions.

Additional features: WhatsApp Gold also has an additional set of features, including the ability to see the person you are talking to without having to go to his personal page and it appears directly under the name with information that shows whether the user is online or not.

Color adjustment: One of the great features of WhatsApp Gold is that you can change the colors of WhatsApp Gold completely to many colors according to your choice, you can also modify the colors of fonts, backgrounds, and windows.

Media: The developers of WhatsApp Gold APK have added more features to allow you to send media and attachments in conversations, as it allows you to send more than 90 images at once instead of 30 images, and you can send a 30 MB video instead of only 15 MB.

Protection: WhatsApp Gold provides you with several ways to lock and secure the application and chats, including hiding conversations and locking WhatsApp with fingerprint, pattern and password.

Prevent messages from being deleted: Golden Lotus gives you a wonderful feature that enables you to prevent messages from being deleted after they are sent by the other user.

Auto reply: You can enable the auto reply feature if you are busy all day.

Message scheduling: You can send a scheduled message by setting a time and date to your friends.

Multiple languages: The WhatsApp Plus Gold application contains a wide range of languages, you can choose the one that suits you.

Hide the two blue check marks: All messages sent to you can be read without the sender knowing that you are reading them by not placing a second blue tick next to the message.

Hide writing WhatsApp Gold is characterized by allowing you to hide the “I am writing” sign that appears while replying to messages.

How to download WhatsApp Gold Plus APK the new update without losing conversations?!

Attention : Do not uninstall the official WhatsApp before you take a backup of your data from it.

  • First, back up your messages, videos and photos before deleting the official WhatsApp application by going to Settings, then Chats, then Backup Chats.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources before you start downloading the application.
  • Download WhatsApp Gold, the new update APK.
  • After that, install WhatsApp Gold on your mobile with ease.
  • Open the application, register with it, and then restore the backup.

WhatsApp modifications have become popular among users because they enable them to customize the interface and increase their security features, despite the claims of some users, there is no specific evidence that proves the ineffectiveness of WhatsApp Gold Black the new update, however, we warn users against downloading WhatsApp Gold from unreliable sources Just because some links may contain malware and adware.

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