Departure of Samah Idris: A supporter of Palestine left

Death The editor-in-chief of the Lebanese “Al-Adab” magazine, Samah Idris, will be absent after a short struggle with illness, and the late, in addition to being a writer, novelist and translator, is a founding member of the “boycott campaign for Israel’s supporters in Lebanon” since 2002.

  • If we abandon Palestine, we abandon ourselves

The editor-in-chief of the Lebanese magazine “Al-Adab”, Samah Idris, passed away on Thursday evening, November 25th.

The late cancer did not give him long time, as he was kidnapped from among his family and lovers within a few months after he contracted the malignant disease and started treatment.

Samah, the son of the late founder of the “Dar Al-Adab”, Suhail Idris, has many books, including two books on literary criticism, 4 novels for young people, and 11 illustrated stories for children.

In addition to book publications, Samah Idris has published dozens of translated studies, articles and books. He is also a founding member of the “Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon” since 2002.

Idris was known for his positions in support of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance and his defense of it in the face of the press from Arab countries and regimes, and he did not stop doing that even during his illness.

During his treatment period, Samah Idris received many messages calling him to be coherent and steadfast, as is always the case for those who lived with him and got to know him closely.

He received messages that he was publishing on his Facebook account, including a message from the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Saadat, and another from the Lebanese fighter in French prisons, George Ibrahim Abdullah.

Many of Idris’ friends expressed their shock and sadness at his sudden absence, but they confirmed their continuation in resisting the occupation and supporting Palestine, in fulfillment of Idris’ commandment, who once said: “If we abandon Palestine, we abandon ourselves.”


Departure Samah Idris supporter Palestine left

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