Corona injuries re-rise in Europe and the emergence of a new mutation of the virus.. Warnings of major repercussions during the next two months | Politics news

Corona injuries re-rise in Europe and the emergence of a new mutation of the virus.. Warnings of major repercussions during the next two months | Politics news
Corona injuries re-rise in Europe and the emergence of a new mutation of the virus.. Warnings of major repercussions during the next two months | Politics news

The European Center for Disease Control has warned of significant expected repercussions of the Corona virus during the next two months, and in light of a new rise in infections and the detection of a new mutation of the virus in South Africa, a number of European countries announced quarantine and closure measures in the face of the new outbreak wave.

And the European Center for Disease Prevention said that Corona infections will rise in the months of December and January unless urgent measures are taken to confront the virus.

The European Commission issued new recommendations regarding travel within the European continent in light of the Corona pandemic.

The Commission called on European Union countries to allow recipients of recognized vaccines to move between the countries of the Union without imposing any additional restrictions.

On Thursday, the European Commission recommended giving a booster dose no later than 9 months after the second dose of the anti-Corona vaccine, with the aim of extending the validity of the European health certificate, whose validity will not be recognized without this dose.

On Thursday, the European Medicines Regulatory Authority announced the approval of giving the Pfizer vaccine to children between the ages of 5 and 11 years, paving the way for the start of vaccination for this category in the European Union countries.

The Corona virus has killed more than 1.5 million people since it began spreading in Europe, as several countries have re-imposed restrictions to stop the record number of infections rising, according to a toll prepared by the French Press Agency based on official figures on Thursday morning.

But a report published by the World Health Organization on Thursday showed that vaccines have saved the lives of at least half a million people in Europe.

In early November, the World Health Organization called for continued vaccination, use of masks, and adherence to social distancing measures, and feared that an additional 700,000 deaths would be recorded in the European region by next spring.

new mutant

Meanwhile, British Health Minister Sajid Javid announced placing 6 African countries on the red list and banning flights from them due to the new mutant from Corona, which he called B1.1529, and indicated that vaccines may not be effective against this mutant.

And the British Health Security Agency had said that the mutant that appeared in South Africa poses the greatest challenge since the beginning of the epidemic, and explained that this mutant has the ability to transform twice as much as the capacity of the delta mutant.

The British ministry added that its mutations may be able to evade the immune response achieved by previous infections with the virus or vaccination. She indicated that it has a protein that differs significantly from that of the original Corna virus.

In South Africa, a new mutant of the Corona virus was announced, and the scientific team that discovered it described it as rapidly spreading, and most of its infections were recorded among young people.

The new mutated strain was also found in Botswana and Hong Kong.

European procedures

France announced new measures to confront the spread of Corona, after the number of injuries reached more than 32,000, more than 61% of them were in the past week. The measures include making the booster dose of Corona vaccines available from Saturday to all adults. But Health Minister Olivier Veran pointed out that at this stage, he will not impose a quarantine or a curfew.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the escalation in the number of injuries and deaths due to the Corona pandemic as very serious, calling for more restrictions, while her potential successor, Olaf Scholz, described the situation as very delicate.

This came against the background of the country’s record of the highest number of infections, which amounted to more than 75 thousand new infections daily, while the total death toll from the pandemic victims in the country exceeded the threshold of 100 thousand deaths.

In Austria, the authorities took a decision a few days ago to return the closure measures, an unprecedented measure in Europe since the start of vaccination campaigns.

Other, less stringent “restrictions” were imposed in countries such as Latvia and the Netherlands.

Additional restrictions were also re-imposed in Italy as well as in Slovakia, where a near-total closure took effect Thursday.

The authorities in the Czech Republic declared a 30-day state of emergency and closed Christmas markets and nightclubs.

In the context, the Czech President Milos Zeman was transferred again Thursday to the hospital, a few hours after he was discharged, after it was found that he was infected with Corona, according to what his spokesman announced.

In Portugal, Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced several measures on Thursday to curb the escalation of the epidemic, including a week of strict restrictions after the end of the year holidays, including the obligation to work from home, extending the school holiday and closing bars and nightclubs.

Strengthening measures are being considered in the Netherlands, where health restrictions have previously caused unprecedented riots.

In Belgium, Prime Minister Alexander de Croo will hold an urgent meeting Friday to decide on imposing new measures, and de Croo considered the rise in the number of injuries and hospitalizations related to Corona “higher than the most pessimistic trends” identified by experts last week.

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