Egypt.. Details of the execution of officer Muhammad Owais and 21 others

Egypt.. Details of the execution of officer Muhammad Owais and 21 others
Egypt.. Details of the execution of officer Muhammad Owais and 21 others

Egyptian media revealed the details of the ruling issued by the Court of Cassation, upholding the execution of 21 accused “Ansar Beit al-Maqdis”, for their conviction of 54 crimes, including the assassination of Mohamed Mabrouk, a national security officer.

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This judgment is considered final and may not be appealed against, in accordance with the Law on Procedures and Cases of Appeal before the Cassation.

It is scheduled that the executive bodies set a date for the execution of the death sentence issued against the accused after they have exhausted all the means of appeal guaranteed to them by the constitution and the law.

Article 272 of the Pleadings Law states that “the judgments of the Court of Cassation may not be appealed by any means of appeal,” which means that the Court of Cassation is the last stop in the litigation stages, and its rulings are final and there is no way to appeal.

The Court of Cassation rejected the appeals filed by the defendants convicted in the Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis case, and upheld the death sentence of Muhammad Owais and 21 other members of the Beit Al-Maqdis terrorist organization, issued by the Supreme State Security Criminal Court, in the assassination of Muhammad Mabrouk, an officer in the National Security Sector, and the commission of 54 terrorist attacks. Others across the country, with the defendants obligated to pay 198 million and 700 thousand pounds to the state, and the court upheld the death sentences issued against the defendants.

The decision to refer the accusation against him stated that “he participated with the first accused by means of incitement, agreement and assistance in committing the felony of murder – the subject of the accusation contained in item VI – that the first accused them to commit the crime as a source of their mandate to do so, and they agreed with them to implement it and the forty-third accused helped them.” Muhammad Muhammad Owais” that he provided them with the victim’s photo, his data, and the specifications of his car “color and number” to enable them to identify him, and other metal plates used to facilitate the commission of the murder, so the crime was carried out based on this incitement, in exchange for a large sum of money obtained by Owais, and that agreement and that assistance As shown in the investigations.

Source: “The Seventh Day”

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