This is the new job of former State Attorney Shai Nitzan

This is the new job of former State Attorney Shai Nitzan
This is the new job of former State Attorney Shai Nitzan
Shai Nitzan (Photo by Miriam Elster Flash 90)

Nitzan, 61, served until December 2019 as the state’s attorney and is best remembered as the one who led the investigation against then-Prime Minister Netanyahu, which led to a trial. Prior to his role as State Attorney, he served as Deputy Attorney General for Special Affairs.

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Nitzan’s appointment to the National Library comes after a recommendation by a locating committee appointed by the National Library’s board of directors that approved his appointment as rector. As part of the role, Nitzan will be responsible for managing the content worlds of the National Library.

Nitzan will continue to serve as CEO Oren Weinberg, who is in charge of the operational side of the National Library, and is also responsible for the library’s renewal in recent years with the move to the new building built in Jerusalem near the Knesset.

Nitzan said that “I enter the position with excitement and anticipation. In the eyes of the National Library, it should be a first-rate cultural and educational center of the State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. In the library’s new home and on its digital platforms. ”

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    Shai Nitzan in a new job


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    There, too, he will find someone to knock on, a corrupt butt …


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