“The stage is dangerous and fatal”… Will the country close again during the holidays? (Video)

“spot shot”

The ears of the Lebanese were relieved from hearing the unfortunate news that accompanied their hearing for two years, as there was no talk of the Corona counter, due to the noticeable decrease in the number of injuries and deaths and the fact that a percentage of citizens received the vaccine.

Lebanon, which was on the path of recovery, is today threatened by a fourth wave of Corona, which may be fatal and fatal this time. The stage is very dangerous, the counter of injuries and deaths has regained its activity, not to mention the thousands of positive tests!

The head of the Parliamentary Health Committee, MP Assem Araji, considered, in an interview with Spot Shot, that “the casualty counter has risen again due to the evasion taking place in Lebanon. The virus spreads very quickly.”

If you don’t take precautions, Corona will not have mercy on your body or your soul this time. Hospitals lost the ability to confront the virus, so the departments designated for it were closed, no electricity, no generators, no respirators, no doctors or nurses, and many types of medicines were cut off, the high hospital cost, and the differences that the citizen will pay from his pocket in the millions.

And in the event that the citizen remains indifferent and Corona’s injuries continue to rise, will the country be closed again?, Araji replied: “At the moment, no, and talking about a new closure of the country is still far away until the hour, but the matter is possible if the injuries rise next month, and they rose Cases requiring hospitalization.

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