Because of the “squid game”… the execution by firing squad of a person in North Korea

The authorities in North Korea have sentenced to death a man who smuggled and sold copies of the Squid Game series, after the arrest of 7 high school students who were watching it, sources revealed to Radio Free Asia.

The sources revealed that the smuggler sold 3 copies of the famous series, which spread across the Netflix network during the current year.

The death penalty will be carried out against the man “by firing squad”.

The authorities sentenced the student who purchased a copy of the show to life in prison, while 6 others were sentenced to five years in prison with hard labor, while the school’s principal and teachers were dismissed, and they face a sentence of exile to work in remote mines.

Despite North Korea’s efforts to isolate its residents from foreign media, some digital storage card pieces that contain foreign series or films banned in the country have recently begun to spread.

According to what a source indicated to Radio Free Asia, the arrest of the students is a test of a newly passed law related to the elimination of “reactionary thought and culture”, which may be applied to people even if they are underage.

The law passed last year imposes the death penalty on anyone who watches, keeps or distributes media materials from “capitalist countries”, primarily the United States and South Korea.


squid game execution firing squad person North Korea

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