“A porn video clip and obscene words” .. A report against Muhammad Ramadan

Samir Sabry, the lawyer, filed a complaint against Muhammad Ramadan for publishing a porn video clip with explicit and obscene language, on the basis of saying that “a group of mercenaries and unemployed people appeared on the musical scene in order to pollute it and promote obscenity, bullying, drugs and sexual harassment, in addition to many crimes.”

Then, according to Sabri, who spoke to Al-Arabiya.net, the situation developed into something more dangerous and horrific after the songs contained many words and sexual innuendos. “Now singing in ugly and low words has become in crude and frank terms, which prompted the esteemed Syndicate of Musicians headed by its president, Amir Arab singer Hani Shaker issued an irreversible decision to stop and prevent the singing of a group of these people.

He added, “Although this decision was issued very late, it is better than not being issued.”

Sabri added that “there is a purposeful campaign of obscenity aimed at polluting Egypt’s reputation and its lofty artistic civilization and spreading dust and pollution on this ancient artistic civilization.”

Finally, and to Sabri, “the whistleblower broadcasts a song against him through a video clip that contains explicit words without explicitly concealing its filth.”

Sabri concluded his statement, requesting that an order be issued to investigate the incident, which is the subject of the communication, and to refer the plaintiff, Muhammad Ramadan, to the urgent criminal trial.

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