The most prominent features and details of the legendary ceremony for the opening of Rams Road in Luxor x 24 pieces of information

The most prominent features and details of the legendary ceremony for the opening of Rams Road in Luxor x 24 pieces of information
The most prominent features and details of the legendary ceremony for the opening of Rams Road in Luxor x 24 pieces of information

Luxor Governorate will witness this Thursday evening, at 7:30 pm, the launch of the legendary ceremony that the whole world is waiting for to witness the celebrations that were performed by the ancient Egyptians for more than 5 thousand years during the “Opt Festival” in the heart of the Pharaonic Rams Road, live in the hands of grandchildren The Pharaohs, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, where the “Opet Festival” was like a special carnival that takes place annually in Luxor, during which kings are installed or celebrate happy occasions and memories.

In this regard, “The Seventh Day” lists the most prominent features and details of the expected celebration day, step by step:

1. The ceremony will be held in the heart of Luxor Temple at 7.30 pm today, Thursday, November 25, 2021.

2. HD TV broadcast units will be paid to cover the event and present it to the whole world.

3. TV productions will be done by more than 15 cameras spread throughout the temple and the Rams’ Road.

4. The legendary concert will be transmitted by more than 30 television networks and stations that will cover the opening to transmit it to the whole world.

5. A large number of famous public figures, representatives of both houses of Parliament and a number of inspiring models were invited.

6. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities invited a number of correspondents from international news and tourism networks and channels to attend and cover the global event.

7. All the details of the legendary ceremony, the words and the opening of the Road of the Rams will be translated into a number of languages.

8. Traffic changes were made in various parts of Luxor City, in the area where the celebration was held, to be in its most beautiful form in front of the guests.

9. The maximum levels of readiness have been raised in Luxor hospitals, and three hospitals have been prepared for medical evacuation and to ensure the provision of blood bags in the governorate’s blood banks.

10. Luxor Governorate and the Security Directorate have raised the maximum level of readiness to serve all the governorate’s guests during the day of the celebration.

11. Luxor guests flock to the celebration this Thursday evening to attend the legendary event at Luxor Temple.

12. The ceremony begins with distinctive panoramic illuminations in the Luxor Temple and the Rams Road from it to the Karnak temples.

13. After that, the lighting begins in the temples of the West Bank in Hatshepsut, the statues of Memnon and Habu, and the Ramesium Temple.

14. The largest dazzling artistic shows are made with lights and lasers that are launched in the sky of the entire governorate.

15. The sacred boats designed in the pharaonic style in the heart of the Nile River begin to move with dazzling lights in the water.

16. The sacred boats in the Nile are designed to symbolize the Holy Trinity of Thebes “Amon, Mut and Khonsu”, symbols of the Opet Festival.

17. Moving around the sacred boats, sailboats displays the visual identity of Luxor, which will be the focus of the ceremony.

18. A show will be made from the heart of the land of the flying balloon, the charming tourist trips on the West Bank.

19. Dance performances will be presented from the Nile Corniche and magical lighting of a number of stagecoach cars.

20. Distinguished dance performances are presented to popular groups in the tourist market in the city center.

21. The Opet Festival officially begins with the departure of sacred boats designed for young people to carry along the Rams’ Way.

22. Participate in the movement of boats in the heart of the Rams Road, with the participation of more than 400 young men and women in Pharaonic costume.

23. During the movement of the youth groups in the pharaonic style in the procession, pharaonic musical performances and poems that were presented on the Opet festival thousands of years ago are organized.

24. As the procession officially begins on the path of rams, the Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Maestro Nader Abbasi, plays the great pieces.

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