Big Ramy’s first wife sends him a new message

Big Ramy’s first wife sends him a new message
Big Ramy’s first wife sends him a new message

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Marwa Al-Maghrabi, the first wife of the Egyptian world bodybuilder Ramy Al-Subaie, “Big Ramy”, published a new photo of them, after changing her profile picture on the social networking site WhatsApp.

Al-Maghraby wrote on the photo in a message to her husband: “You will love my heart,” hours after she posted the same picture without any comment.

In the photo, the Moroccan appears in the front of a yacht in a coastal city and next to it, “Big Ramy”, embracing her, in a moment that expresses romantic moments.

On November 19, social networking sites and obligatory platforms were buzzing with the news of Al-Subaiy’s marriage to a second woman.

And the Egyptian media reported that Al-Subaiy is preparing to spend his honeymoon outside Egypt, and arrangements are being made at the present time, as this wife is the second after his first wife, Marwa Al-Maghrabi, and he has 3 girls: Lugina, 9, Dareen, 7, and Aisha, 3 years old.

Mamdouh Mohamed Hassan Al-Subaie is Ramy Al-Subaie, who is known by the nickname “Big Ramy”, an Egyptian professional bodybuilder, who plays in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. 2020 and 2021, respectively, in the tournament organized in Orlando, Florida, USA, which is the largest and most important world championships for professional bodybuilding players.

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