The death of Inshirah Moussa, the spy who worked for Israel in Egypt during the 1967 war

The Egyptian spy who worked for Israel, Anshirah Musa, died recently at the age of 87 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was buried according to Jewish law.

According to the information, Moussa died after a long struggle with depression.

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Rafi Ben David, Musa’s son, said in a statement to “Cairo 24” website, two months before his death, “They cooperated with Israel against Egypt during the setback period of 67.”

He revealed that his mother’s real name is Anshirah Ali Morsi, not Musa, and she was born in 1937, Minya Governorate, and his father is Ibrahim Shaheen, and they are three brothers, Adel, Nabil and Muhammad.

Rafael Ben David or Adel Shaheen confirmed that “the names of his brothers were changed to Hebrew after they left Egypt and went to live in Israel, and converted to Judaism, as his father Ibrahim Shaheen’s name was changed to Ben David, and his name was inside the Mossad Moses, and his mother chose Anshirah Musa after entering Israel’s name is Dina Ben David, his brother’s name became Nabil Yossi, and the name of his third brother, Muhammad, was changed to Haim.

Regarding the espionage trip and the family’s recruitment by the Israeli Mossad, he said: “Below our house in Al-Arish was a military cabin, so my father informed the Israeli Mossad officer, Abu Naim, of all the details about it.”

He continued: “My brothers and I did not know anything about my mother and father for a year and a half, and throughout that period we were living in Cairo, and my father was recruited by the Israeli Mossad, and he returned to Egypt through the Red Cross from Jordan, to collect information on the prices of basic commodities.” and vegetables, so that he knows their good intentions.

And he revealed the details of his mother’s recruitment into the Mossad, saying: My mother traveled to Beersheba with my father and they met Mossad officer Abu Naim until they were recruited and their performance developed, after he realized that they were completely under his control, and they wanted to spy for the Israeli Mossad.

Source: “Cairo 24”

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