Urgent.. Death afflicts the artist, Mohamed Mounir

On Monday evening, Mutasim Kamal Berri, the nephew of the artist, Mohamed Mounir, died, according to what was announced by drummer Ashraf Samir, through a post on his personal and official account, on the social networking site, Facebook.

In that publication, Ashraf Samir wrote about the funeral of Mutasem Kamal Berri, the nephew of the artist, Mohamed Mounir, tomorrow, after the noon prayer, from the Hosary Mosque, in the 6th of October City, while the date of the funeral has not yet been determined.

Nephew of Muhammad Munir

Nephew of Muhammad Munir

The most important information about the artist King Mohamed Mounir:

In another context, the artist, Mohamed Mounir, was born on October 6, 1954. He is an Egyptian singer and actor. He was born in the Nuba village of Manshiet in Aswan, and received his education and youth in Aswan before migrating with his family to the capital, after the Nuba villages drowned under the waters of Lake Nasser, which he left behind. High Dam.

Among his most important artistic works, he sang the introduction and the end of the famous Egyptian cartoon series Bakkar, where he achieved the beginning chords and the end chords with great success at different ages, both inside and outside Egypt, and in all Arab countries.

While the first debut of the artist, Mohamed Mounir, came with the album “Alamouni Oniki” in 1977, and then in 1981 he presented the album “Shababeek”, which achieved huge sales during that time.

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