Egypt.. The death of the young media, Asmaa Mostafa

Today, Monday, the young Egyptian media, Asma Mustafa, wife of Representative Ayman Abul-Ela, died after a struggle with cancer.

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An Egyptian media person sends an influential message to her fans after she suffers from a terminal illness (photo)

And Egyptian media reported that the funeral is scheduled to take place this afternoon, from the Police Mosque – Sheikh Zayed area.

The media, Asmaa Habib, presenter of the “This Morning” program on the “Extra News” screen, had recounted on her official page on “Facebook”, her suffering after suffering cancer, and she said: “My mother, our Lord, gives her life and health and gives her patience to be afflicted with it before I get married because I was With the refusal of many people, every time she asked me, I would say I want to marry a man who loves me seriously for myself, she was called and said, “May God bless you with the one who appreciates you and comforts your heart. He will be the son of the origins of her age. appreciates me.”

And Asmaa added: “And our Lord, the Almighty, answered our call. We both have blessed me with a man who loves me for myself and my person and who appreciates me, the ordeal and the disease. Let me remember her call. This cursed disease destroyed me, but he saw me as the sweetest six in the world. He protects them, and we are able to overcome the ordeal and come out with a gift, O Lord, our patience over our trials.”

Source: “Echo of the Country”

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