Half an hour of marriage.. the full story of the death of a bride after the wedding | photo

Half an hour of marriage.. the full story of the death of a bride after the wedding | photo
Half an hour of marriage.. the full story of the death of a bride after the wedding | photo

Only half an hour passed from her married life, until the spirit of “Nadia Taha”, who is 20 years old, rose to her bar, after she suffered a sudden heart attack, which invaded her minutes after the end of the wedding ceremony.

The daughter of the village of Al-Raydah grew up among 5 siblings, and she studied at the Religious Institute in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, besides memorizing the Holy Qur’an, and she was persistent in performing the prayers on time.

The young girl appeared very happy at her wedding, due to her desire to live next to the one she loves after an engagement that lasted nearly 3 years, but God’s predestination came in a path opposite to the girl’s desire.

After the wedding ceremony ended, the “bride of Minya”, in her white dress, went to the marital home accompanied by the love of her life, in a moment that she had been waiting for throughout the engagement period.

As soon as she arrived at her apartment, she made a phone call to her father, expressing her overwhelming happiness with the wedding ceremony and switched off her phone, and the father went to his bedroom, thanking God for completing his daughter’s marriage.

Minutes did not pass before the screams rose and the calm changed to a state of clamor inside the house, shocking the wedding people with the news of the death of their daughter, so that her father went to her husband’s house and found her dead on the ground, still in wedding decorations.

The friend of the “Bride of Minya” tells the details of the death after the wedding

“Nama’a.M”, the bride’s friend, confirmed that Nadia was in a state of great happiness and joy during the time of the wedding ceremony, and she did not show any signs of fatigue and tiredness.

And she continued: When I received the news of my friend’s death, I was on my way home from her wedding, so at that time I could not comprehend what had happened, but all I had was to pray for her mercy and forgiveness.

The Minya Security Directorate had received a notification from the emergency operations stating that a girl named Nadia Taha Madi, 20, residing in the village of Al-Raydah in Minya governorate, died of a sudden heart attack half an hour after her wedding.

The bride of Minya with her father

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