Burak Ozcivit faces 4 years in prison | news

Turkish artist Burak Ozcivit is facing a 4-year prison sentence, after being accused of insulting some workers in his series “The Resurrection of Osman”.

The incident dates back to last December, when 4 workers in the series “Resurrection Osman” accused Burak Ozcivit of insulting them and insulting them behind the scenes of filming.

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Some people tried to mediate for a solution to the crisis away from the judiciary, but the mediation did not bring any result, and there were some witnesses who confirmed the incident, which made Burak’s position difficult, according to the ntv website.

The Public Prosecutor prepared an indictment that confirmed the existence of sufficient suspicions against Burak and requested his imprisonment, with Burak to appear before the judge in the coming days.

While the production company published a statement confirming its support for Burak Ozcivit and that he is a creative star and nothing like this can come from him.


For his part, Burak Ozcivit ignores all the news and publishes pictures of him with his wife and their son and does not talk about the matter.

And the series “The Resurrection of Othman” starring Burak Ozcivit, Aisha Gul Junay, Emre Basalak.

Burak Özçivit is known in Arabic as “Bali Bey” from the series “Harem Sultan” and is married to the Turkish artist Fahriye Afgen. They celebrated their marriage in June 2017 in a ceremony held in a palace overlooking the Bosphorus and attended by 500 people from close family and friends.

Burak and Fahriye’s love story began during the filming of the series “The Wrecking Bird”, or as it was dubbed in Arabic as “The Love Bird”, and the love story moved from the screens to reality.

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