Lebanon..crowding over fuel leaves 12 injured

Lebanon..crowding over fuel leaves 12 injured
Lebanon..crowding over fuel leaves 12 injured

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Beirut: Twelve people were injured on Wednesday evening in violent confrontations that took place between citizens in southern Lebanon while they were rushing to fill up fuel.

And the official Lebanese news agency said that “a problem occurred at a gas station in the town of Deir al-Zahrani (south) in which knives and sticks were used, and 12 people were injured.”

The agency stated that the problem was caused by a dispute over the priority of filling gasoline.

For weeks, the Lebanese have been suffering from the loss of fuel in their country, which caused the closure of most stations, while the few that remained open witnessed long queues.

As a result, problems have recently increased among people over gas stations, prompting some owners to appeal to the security forces to intervene in order to control the situation and not lose control.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Energy announced reducing subsidies on fuel imports and raising its prices by 35%, but it is still not available at most stations.

The Central Bank of Lebanon is suffering from an unprecedented deterioration in foreign exchange reserves, and a shortage of cash allocated for imports, which prompted it more than once to request the government to develop a plan to ease subsidies.

In general, Lebanon has been suffering since late 2019 an unprecedented economic crisis that has led to the deterioration of the value of the local currency against the US dollar, financial inflation, and record high rates of poverty.



Lebanoncrowding fuel leaves injured

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