Revivo the elephant Shtreimel? What really happened on Saturday night in the Ahisamakh neighborhood

Revivo the elephant Shtreimel? What really happened on Saturday night in the Ahisamakh neighborhood
Revivo the elephant Shtreimel? What really happened on Saturday night in the Ahisamakh neighborhood

The mayor of Lod, Adv. Yair Revivo, confronted ultra-Orthodox residents in the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood on Saturday night, after they shouted “Shabes” shouts at passing vehicles.

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One of the residents says in a conversation with Haredim 10: “There was a celebration. The Lithuanian residents are not interested in such an event because it is agitating, but a group of residents decided to provoke secular residents on Shivtei Yisrael Street. This is a street where the odd number is inhabited by ultra-Orthodox, and on the other side of the street, the odd number, secular residents live. Down the street, a mile away, lives the mayor. There were some worshipers of the “Jerusalem faction” and “Jerusalem Pharisees” – who decided to make a mess, so that they would not be comfortable there. This harassment has been going on for a month now. “

On Friday night, the mayor sent a message to the “dear ultra-Orthodox residents of the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood” on WhatsApp, in which he wrote: This is not our way, this is not enlightenment. This is blasphemy. It takes Jews away from getting to know our pleasant and embracing Judaism. I also know (following inquiries I have received and I receive) that many of you are opposed to this path.

“Know, I warn – police and inspectors will make sure that such cases are not carried out. As residents of the neighborhood, please convey the message to the extreme minority – which spoils the neighborhood fabric. Soon I will initiate dialogue sessions between the residents of Aura and between you and with God’s help we will do and succeed. “

The resident adds: “The mayor turned to the residents, told them: ‘Identify me who the people are and I will take care of them.’ On Friday, the mayor informed the residents that he would come to the inspectorate, that the police are enforcing them not to shout ‘Shabes’. It is illegal to prevent a person from shouting, because it is freedom of speech. The ‘riots’ are just shouts. After spotty threats against some of the residents who belong to the ‘faction’, they were afraid and did not go out to demonstrate. But a group of “Jerusalem Pharisees” did go out to demonstrate on Shivtei Yisrael Street.

“Every passing car stands on the sidewalk and shouts ‘Shabes.’ Not throwing eggs or anything. The mayor, after receiving Shabbat, took to the streets of a city to meet the protesters, he argued with them, the confrontation turned into shouts, and at one point the mayor pushed and dropped one of the residents the shtreimel. The resident pushed back and an argument developed.

“The mayor threatened: ‘I will close the synagogue for you, I will send you inspectors, I will avenge you. He said: ‘I defeated Hamas, I will probably defeat you, I am not afraid of you.’ He did not defeat any Hamas. The public does not like the demonstrations, but is angry at the mayor: why is he incensed? Why is he coming to the area? ”

The resident explains: “We are afraid that the seculars from the Aura neighborhood will take revenge on us, karaoke loudly on Saturday, prostituted women will enter our neighborhood, we will not benefit from it. But his entry was unnecessary and unwise. If he was silent there were about seven people shouting. He’s sure he’s the big generation ‘and everyone should hear. He shouted ‘how can they not listen to me’. Be sure that if he says something everyone should hear his voice. It was funny and not even pleasant. “

The resident emphasizes: “If he had not come and inflamed the story, it would have ended with seven or eight yawning bored people shouting ‘Shabes’ and that’s it. “The fact that the mayor is coming is stirring up the neighborhood, the public is hot on it and angry with it.”

Another resident of the neighborhood tells Haredim 10: “On Saturday night, and in fact all night there are shootings in Lod, fear in the street, and he goes to quarrel with students? The Datra mirror of the Ahisamakh neighborhood, Rabbi Broida, who does not support the demonstrations, was expressed in a very serious way against the mayor. “

On the other hand, David Bracha, a resident of Ganei Ayalon who was present at the event, reacted sharply to the things that were circulated against Revivo: “The mayor gently asked the worshipers who shouted ‘Shabes’ and spoke to their hearts. Not only did he not heed his requests they amplified the screams. The mayor was angry and said that in the city of Lod there has never been such a thing and never will be.

“During the argument one of the Pharisee community stepped back and bumped into a bench and tripped and so did his shtreimel hat. The mayor has not touched anyone and has not raised a hand against anyone and anyone who says this simply continues with free hatred. We strengthen our dear mayor, who works hard for the ultra-Orthodox public. What they got here in two years did not get many publics. All in all we want to stop with these screams. We are religious and not ready for this. “

The mayor’s office for the ultra-Orthodox 10: “The mayor came in person to the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood to calm the spirits that almost led to physical violence between the parties. Unfortunately, there are people who are engaged in parting hearts and trying to bring out the so-called evil mayoral slander that has been violent.

“The mayor stood in the middle and prevented a dangerous deterioration between the parties. The mayor condemns and condemns all physical and verbal violence. It is worth noting that the mayor praises the residents of the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood who exercised restraint and understand the great sensitivity that should be in a mixed and complex city in which Arabs live alongside Jews and secular alongside religious and ultra-Orthodox.

“Unfortunately, however, a very small handful acted on their own, which could lead to a situation of Jewish quarrels. The mayor appeals to all populations in the city to maintain restraint and live side by side out of sensitivity and understanding and maintaining the status quo.

With the opening of the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood, the mayor granted the public’s requests to close the main road in the Rabbi Elyashiv neighborhood and at the same time agreed with the neighborhood rabbis that the main road (“Yahad Shivtei Yisrael”), which crosses the neighborhood and connects parts of Lod On Saturday, just as no main roads are closed in every city in the country. “

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