The Suez Canal Authority mourns the engineer of the destruction of the Israeli rig in Ivory Coast

The Suez Canal Authority mourns the engineer of the destruction of the Israeli rig in Ivory Coast
The Suez Canal Authority mourns the engineer of the destruction of the Israeli rig in Ivory Coast

On Saturday, the Suez Canal Authority mourned Major Jamal Abu Al-Azm, the architect of the destruction of the Israeli rig in Ivory Coast.

A statement issued by the commission stated that the late Major Jamal Abu Al-Azm witnessed all wars from 48 to 73, and that his role was effective in many situations and with leaders and important and influential figures, and he has great works.

The authority added that he was a sportsman and a nucleus of the marine thunderbolt, in addition to being a distinguished marine engineer with many fingerprints and achievements.

Who is Jamal Abu Al-Azm?

Gamal Mahmoud Ali Abu Al-Azm was born on October 1, 1928. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Engineering, Fouad I University (Mechanical Engineering Department) 1950. He joined the Naval Forces and spent his training period at the Military College and then the Navy, from which he graduated with the rank of First Lieutenant Naval Engineer in the late 1950’s .

Abu Al-Azm was awarded the Third Class Order of Merit in 1965 on the occasion of the nationalization of the Suez Canal. After graduation, he worked in the navy. He joined the ranks of the second batch in the Navy, even though he was actually before the first batch in the Navy, and his batch was a military college graduate who was placed in their correct seniority.

Abu Al-Azm worked as a third engineer on the destroyer “Mohammed Ali” under the command of Commander Lieutenant General Suleiman Ezzat and continued to work until he became its chief engineer. Desouky.

He moved to the Naval College and taught shipbuilding and naval engineering for the sixth class, as well as training them for urban combat after taking a squad at the Infantry School.

Abu al-Azm contributed to the training of a number of naval officers, more than 2,000 members of the naval forces in combat in the cities. Israel about the Egyptian prisoners and after the prisoner exchange learned that.

He also worked as director of the School of Naval Engineering, translated several books and taught fire resistance and damage control.

He completed his service in the Navy with the rank of (Sagheer) to be one of the nucleus of the working and influential engineers in the Suez Canal.

Stations in Abu al-Azm’s civil life

Between 1956 and 1969, he participated in the nationalization of the Suez Canal, and participated in the purchase and construction control of all marine units throughout his work in the Supply Department, head of the technical department and a teacher at the Maritime Institute of the Suez Canal Authority, and during this period he participated in the technical evaluation of the marine units of the Petroleum Cooperative Society when they were nationalized. Co-founder of Al-Temsah Shipbuilding Company.

During the 56th war, he preferred to stay in Ismailia, where he was a guerrilla trainer and could lead volunteers in Ismailia. He obtained a permit from the armed forces to obtain weapons and ammunition, and then distributed them to the policemen in the end.

Source: RT + Egyptian media

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