Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Slaughtered Lebanon

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Slaughtered Lebanon
Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Slaughtered Lebanon

Several years ago, Lebanon entered the brotherly country, and the brotherly Lebanese people, who love life, entered into the midst of internal civil wars and multiple crises, which claimed the lives of the Lebanese people. Conflicts and disagreements between Lebanese political groups and parties and the entry of opposing interests between them, the simple Lebanese citizen claimed.

These wars and conflicts between the Lebanese parties have destroyed the economy, decreased tourism, and destabilized internal security, especially among some Lebanese regions, because of some parties that consider them part of them and do not even allow the security forces to enter them. Any party or group, and this case was called the wounded Lebanon.

But now, when the knife has reached the bone to intensify the differences and conflicts between the Lebanese parties, the situation has gone beyond the stage of describing Lebanon as the wounded to the stage of the slaughtered Lebanon, and there is a difference between the wounded and the slaughtered. Slaughter, the last stage of death and the fall of the state into the abyss.

The last time I visited Lebanon was in 1974 when Lebanon was in its glory as a distinct cultural, literary, artistic, political and tourist beacon. Students used to come to Lebanon to seek knowledge in its ancient universities, and tourists came to enjoy its enchanting beauty, fresh air, and the kindness of its life-loving people.

After that, Lebanon entered into a devastating civil war in 1975, and the collapse and fighting began between the people of the same country at times, and between them and the strangers who shared a living with them, and foreign interventions began in the Lebanese affairs, and political shops were opened that follow that state and take orders from it that provide it with money and weapons, meaning that the agents They take the place of foreign countries that interfere in Lebanon’s internal affairs, follow its orders and implement its policies, which have harmed Lebanon and its internal sovereignty. After the liberation of Kuwait from the brutal Iraqi occupation in 1991, I wanted to visit the brotherly country to see what happened to it and its people dear to our hearts as Kuwaitis. But I was disappointed and shocked to see the scorched trees, the devastated land, and the homes that had become haunted houses.

I wondered, when I went to Bhamdoun, that I might see the mountain that I used to see beautiful with its people, its beautiful trees, and its houses overlooking the beautiful valley, and the cool breezes of the air, and the blanket that surrounds the area with sunset. And he made them enemies fighting for control of the Lebanese decision, and they received orders that harmed their country and their people who love life.

The result was the collapse of the economy, including the local currency, the turbulent security, the collapse of tourism, and others, which made many Lebanese think about emigrating abroad, all because of the fighting between rival political groups to get the most influence and power, while the destruction of their country and they do not care that Lebanon is being slaughtered by their hands.

We loved Lebanon when we were young and we love it when we are old. O Lebanese, fear God in your beautiful country. Do not allow foreign parties to enter between you and divide you. Strengthen your relations with your Arab brothers, especially the Gulf countries, which have not and will not be stingy in helping you. Building your country, preserving its independence, and rebuilding it is Which will return Lebanon to its Arab surroundings, and work to rebuild the Lebanon we love and its people to return to a beacon of culture, arts, sciences and beautiful tourism, and I ask God to protect Lebanon and its good people from all evil.

Muhammad Ahmad Al-Majren Al-Rumi

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