A request was received from the head of the Benjamin Council: Trucks will be restricted to Pisgat Ze’ev

As part of the actions to reduce the traffic load for the residents of Binyamin, these are the main changes from tomorrow: the first change has already taken effect and restricts truck traffic from the Hizma checkpoint to Pisgat Ze’ev on Patrol Street Dokifat Street between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning.

Council Chairman Israel Gantz updated the residents on this and said that the move was intended to reduce the congestion for travelers to Jerusalem in the mornings. The change will also make it easier for the residents of Pisgat Ze’ev.

Ganz added that other actions are being promoted together with the army, the Civil Administration, the Israel Police and the Ministry of Defense, in which he will open a passage for the residents of Kfar Akev so that they will not have to cross the Adam-Hizma road.

The council demands further changes, including restricting the movement of trucks from Adam Square to Jerusalem. In addition, in cooperation between the Binyamin Council and the Jerusalem Municipality, the possibility of encouraging travel by public transportation will be examined when lines are added between the Hizma checkpoint or already from the Binyamin Gate to several places in Jerusalem.

Over the weekend, the army demolished a number of illegal buildings near the village of Hizma as part of preparing the site for expansion work that is expected to begin soon.

Work to pave Qalandiya sedimentation continues. The subsidence will allow travel between Adam and Atarot and Road 443. The works are expected to be completed in about two years.

In western Benjamin, work is expected to begin soon on the widening of Road 446 from Hashmonaim Junction toward Shilat Junction. A winning contractor has been selected, and the Binyamin Council is currently holding a series of meetings with him in order to streamline and precise the execution in the field.

Another road that the Binyamin Council strives to promote is Road 45 from the gas station near Kokhav Yaakov in the direction of Qalandiya to Atarot and Road 443. This way, residents of East Binyamin will be able to travel directly from the junction of Mikhmas to Road 443. Work has also begun on placing a traffic light at Ali Junction.

Council Chairman Israel Ganz said: “Along with the many efforts to develop road infrastructure and bridge a three-decade gap, we are constantly promoting actions to alleviate congestion both in the Hizma area and in the Hasmonean checkpoint. The traffic jams are disproportionate and disrupt our lives.”

Chairman of the Benjamin Israel Council, Ganz. Photo: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90
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