The expected savior of Manchester United is on the cusp of Tottenham

The expected savior of Manchester United is on the cusp of Tottenham
The expected savior of Manchester United is on the cusp of Tottenham

It seems that Manchester United’s delay in making a decisive decision towards coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may cause his management to regret during the coming period.

Manchester United has performed badly with Solskjaer during the recent period, prompting many fans of the team, as well as experts and observers, to demand the dismissal of the Norwegian coach and the appointment of a replacement for him who will be able to return the Red Devils to the path of titles.

Antonio Conte, the former Chelsea and Inter Milan coach, was among the most prominent candidates to succeed Solskjaer at United, given his strength of character and the ability to rebuild teams and lead them to the podiums.

Conte led Inter Milan to regain the Italian league title last season after an absence of 11 years, before deciding to leave its walls at the end of the season due to disagreements with the management, and since then he has not led any team.

And given his experience in the English Premier League, since he worked with Chelsea before and led him to crown the Premier League title well and deservedly, he was the most prominent candidate to save United if he took over from Solskjaer, before the Devils administration temporarily renewed confidence in the latter.

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United’s slowness in resolving Solskjaer’s matter made the chance of contracting Conte in the wind, after his compatriot Tottenham entered the line and became very close to announcing the Italian coach’s taking over as coach of the Portuguese, Nuno Santo.

And Tottenham announced (Monday) the dismissal of Santo from his position, after only 4 months of taking charge, due to poor results, the latest of which was the loss from United 0-3 in the English Premier League.

English reports confirmed that Conte was on the cusp of taking over the technical leadership of Tottenham, despite his refusal to take responsibility when Daniel Levy offered him the order last summer, to lead the team to succeed the Portuguese Jose Mourinho.

Conte was not convinced of the English club’s project at the time, especially since his star Harry Kane was on the verge of leaving, but it seems that the Italian coach changed his decision after Kane remained in the team for at least a season, and with the lack of clarity in Manchester United’s negotiations with him to succeed Solshire.

Reports indicated that Conte arrived (Monday) to the English capital, London, in order to resolve his contract with Tottenham, and that the official announcement of his appointment will be on Tuesday morning, after which he will immediately take over the leadership of the team’s training.

It is noteworthy that Tottenham is eighth in the English Premier League table with 15 points, two points behind the European qualifying centers and 10 points from leaders Chelsea.

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