Environment issues a booklet on Egypt’s preparations to host the COP Climate Conference

Environment issues a booklet on Egypt’s preparations to host the COP Climate Conference
Environment issues a booklet on Egypt’s preparations to host the COP Climate Conference

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Ministry of Environment issued a booklet on Egypt’s preparations to host the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention in 2022, entitled “The Way to Hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27..Reimagining Resilience in the Continent of Africa”, which deals with Egypt’s aspiration to host the conference. As a representative of the continent of Africa, to provide a platform for new and ambitious commitments that develop innovative solutions to achieve progress in the face of climate change, and to build on the previous session of the Conference in Africa, which was held in the State of Morocco more than 5 years ago, which was the beginning of a roadmap for action that the continent can take To overcome the effects of climate change, which it suffers from despite its contribution to the lowest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, and to affirm our commitment to joint work with all countries to unify efforts with all parties and stakeholders to confront climate changes and promote climate action.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, confirmed, in a statement, that the booklet presents features of Egypt’s efforts to support green transformation and nature conservation at the national, regional and international levels, and the natural, logistical and technical components of Sharm el-Sheikh (the city of peace) to host this important and huge event and the Egyptian experience in hosting a conference. Biodiversity COP14 in 2018, national efforts to reuse resources to serve the community, make optimum use of available resources and rehabilitate the community to deal with the effects of climate change, national measures to mitigate those effects, how Egypt works to make Africa speak with one voice, and the future vision for establishing climate action for future generations. .

The booklet addresses Egypt’s serious steps in climate action through a vision based on reform, re-imagining concepts and rebuilding. It has set a number of goals to create consistency and compatibility between urgent development goals and environmental sustainability, and to integrate environmental dimensions into various development fields through the implementation of clear policies and precise goals. Including raising the rates of green investments to represent 50% of total government investments by 2024, through green bonds, as well as preparing the national strategy to combat climate change, which sets clear goals for adaptation and effectively addressing these challenges, and the formation of the National Council on Climate Change and became under the presidency of the Prime Minister And the membership of several concerned ministries to contribute to the integration of environmental goals and climate action into the development plans in the Egyptian state. targeted, and the issuance of the first solid waste management law that engages the private sector in these initiatives, in addition to the charitable initiatives A nation that Egypt is implementing, such as the presidential initiative “Decent Life”, in which the Ministry of Environment participates through the settlement of biogas technology, and the training of young people to establish biogas units in rural areas, by making use of agricultural residues and animal manure to produce biofuels in a manner that enhances economic, social and environmental benefits. .

The state is making unremitting efforts to make optimal use of resources and reuse them to serve the community, in light of the effects of climate changes on many development sectors, including the agricultural sector, which is one of the sectors affected by climate changes. And confronting them, such as developing seeds and spreading more resilient crops, supporting farmers, in addition to rehabilitating the community to deal with the effects of climate change, in addition to the state’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change by developing an infrastructure capable of confrontation, developing the energy sector, and finding innovative solutions to mitigate the emissions The transport sector, achieving transport sustainability, and working to expand clean and renewable energy. Egypt is inaugurating the fourth largest solar power plant in the world with the help of more than 10,000 Egyptian workers, launching the Egypt-PV small solar cell systems project, which works to promote the spread of small projects for solar systems. Solar cells are small, and Egypt aims to become an energy export hub in the region.

Choosing Sharm El-Sheikh to host the conference:

The green city of peace “Sharm el-Sheikh” always has exceptional stories that can be told, perhaps the most charming of which is its story of peace and nature, as it has transformed from a small coastal village to a famous global city that hosts a large number of international conferences that promote joint action among the countries of the world to achieve peace and development -Among them is the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity COP14, which was held in 2018 – in addition to its beautiful landscapes, it won the attention of the world, which made it receive the award of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the “City of Peace in the World”. It is an example of sustainable and green life, as Egypt has sought over the years to protect the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to maintain its charming nature, so the Ministry of Environment launched the “Eco Egypt” campaign to promote eco-tourism, especially since Sharm El-Sheikh contains the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve, the first natural reserve to be declared in Egypt and the Nabq Nature Reserve, which is rich in diversity The unique biological reserve, near which is the unique and distinguished Abu Galum reserve, which includes the Blue Lagoon, one of the distinctive swimming sites, and the unique St. Catherine area in its nature and heritage. A religious and historical.

Side by side, Sharm El-Sheikh contains the International Convention Center as a completely new experience, that combines the picturesque nature of the city and the technology of the future. Advanced technological infrastructure, lighting technologies and live event broadcasting tools. It has also hosted, over the past years, prominent events such as the World Youth Forum, the 2018 Africa Forum, as well as the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity.

The booklet also deals with Egypt’s efforts to keep Africa speaking with one voice by refocusing the world towards it, and that climate issues will not be resolved without the presence of the African continent as an active member of the global effort, at the heart of the discussions and actions that will be taken, and with Egypt’s support for efforts to restore balance in the world. Emphasizing the importance of the role that the African continent plays in reshaping the new world order and benefiting from the experiences made in the continent, and reshaping the global dialogue on the African continent, which enables the world to accurately identify priorities for action to address climate change issues, which requires a review of existing local and regional priorities to determine goals Egypt has contributed to strengthening joint African action by hosting many international conferences focusing on the development agenda in Africa and addressing the challenges facing the continent, including the 2018 Investment Forum in Africa in Sharm El Sheikh, and the Invest in Africa Conference in 2019 in the capital. The new administration, and the Egypt Forum for International Cooperation this year in Cairo to discuss Africa’s development goals and the continent’s Agenda 2063.

The booklet also addresses efforts to redefine partnerships, through the diversity and multiplicity of partners to promote action, whether at the national, regional or international levels, and to integrate youth into climate action in order to enhance the resilience of future generations, and to partner with the private sector to promote sustainable investment that takes into account the challenges of the environment.

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