Bassam Rady: President Sisi will deliver a speech at the Glasgow Summit on Egypt’s position on climate change

Bassam Rady: President Sisi will deliver a speech at the Glasgow Summit on Egypt’s position on climate change
Bassam Rady: President Sisi will deliver a speech at the Glasgow Summit on Egypt’s position on climate change

In an intervention on the United Nations Climate Change Summit with the participation of President Sisi in Glasgow, the spokesman explained that President Sisi will deliver a speech on the Egyptian position and its pillars towards climate change issues, given that Egypt represents the countries of the African continent and is about to host the next conference on climate change (COP27) next year.

He pointed out that the global climate issue is divided into two main parts; A section is specific to the industrial countries concerned with the emissions of large industries, which have led to an increase in the temperature of the planet and global warming, and there is another section related to the suffering of developing countries from this repercussions of climate change and ways to confront them.

He added that there are pledges by the major industrialized countries towards developing countries to provide assistance to overcome the repercussions of climate change, noting that there are demands from developing countries for major countries to abide by international standards to reduce emissions, especially greenhouse gases.

Ambassador Bassam Radi said that there is another session with a panel discussion in which President Sisi will participate, in addition to holding bilateral meetings with him and with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. There will also be an exchange of experiences and presentation of successful models for dealing with the Corona virus between the two countries.

On the bilateral talks between President Sisi and the Austrian chancellor, Ambassador Bassam Rady explained that the discussions focused on working to increase Austrian investments inside Egypt in the large national projects that Egypt is currently witnessing in light of the modern infrastructure that Egypt enjoys, stressing that the infrastructure in Egypt has become a framework Firm and solid foundation for receiving and activating any foreign investment.

He said that the Austrian chancellor, during his meeting yesterday with President Sisi, praised Egypt’s efforts towards illegal immigration, combating terrorism, extremist ideology, spreading the values ​​of tolerance, acceptance of others and freedom of belief, and new concepts, especially in light of the president’s leadership in Egypt, stressing that President Sisi has a vision and strategy that is reflected in the behavior of The whole country is towards these noble values, and it has been met with great praise from the international community, especially Europe.

He added that the talks with the Austrian chancellor dealt with several important issues; Including Egyptian-Austrian relations and regional issues.

The spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic stressed that the Austrian chancellor valued the efforts and strategic directions, especially that President Sisi is making these efforts in the midst of a very turbulent region, turbulent borders and hot issues in the region. Nevertheless, Egypt succeeded in achieving stability and spreading noble concepts under these unfavorable circumstances.

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