Avi Shaulian: “Keep selling vitamins”; Aryeh Avni: “I do not ask you”

Avi Shaulian: “Keep selling vitamins”; Aryeh Avni: “I do not ask you”
Avi Shaulian: “Keep selling vitamins”; Aryeh Avni: “I do not ask you”

Chai Shaulian, One of the leaders in the fight against corona vaccines in Israel, died in September after contracting corona and not getting vaccinated. His brother, Avi, talked about it with Anat Davidov and Golan will be featured on their program on 103FM radio. Later, Dr. joined the conversation Aryeh Avni, With whom Ulyan consulted, and a confrontation began to develop between the two.

In his opening remarks, Shaulian said he was angry at those who were involved in his brother’s death. “I try to gather strength and actually fight what happened and exhaust the law with everyone who was involved in it.” In response, the presenters told him that his brother was opposed to vaccines, about which Shaulian said: “Chai was more opposed to the green mark and less to vaccines. He all his life received vaccines and was not against vaccines in general. “But to endanger health and not get vaccinated when we have such a strong global epidemic, what is the whole world wrong with? What is the whole world of Corona deniers? It is a global thing, it is not only global in Israel.”

Later, Shaulian was asked if, while his brother was hospitalized in critical condition, he knew about consulting with doctors who told him not to get vaccinated, he replied: He had it. ” He added: “I expect doctors to save lives and not prevent lives.”

Chai Shaulian (Photo: Screenshot: From social networks)

Shaulian also said that the family members tried to persuade Hai to receive the necessary medical treatment in order for him to recover from the corona, but he objected: “He refused treatment for a day and I threatened him. My older sister told him ‘if you do not receive the treatment we bring a district psychiatrist And we’ll force the treatments on you. You’re not healthy. “” Finally, the family managed to convince him to accept the treatment, but it was too late.

Shaulian accused Dr. Arie Avni, who is known for his negative views on the Corona vaccine, of influencing him not to receive the medical treatment he could have saved him. “Take vitamins while he is hospitalized in critical condition in intensive care,” he added, adding: “He believed him because my brother was naive.”

Later, Dr. Aryeh Avni joined the broadcast and commented on the matter. “He died at the hospital, which means that the people who killed him were the doctors,” he stated emphatically. He further said that the conclusions of the committee of the corona’s deceased are misleading because they died in the hospitals and they bear responsibility: “All the patients who are written to have died from the corona died in the hospital and did not die at home.”

“What is clear is that you have no idea in medicine neither you nor you,” he slapped the two presenters, “you do not know the drugs that harm the kidneys, and that is what you get in a hospital so all the patients it says.”

When asked about Shaulian’s case, Dr. Avni replied: “Sweet boy, stop talking in such a way you do not understand medicine. . Avni replied: “Listen, I’m not asking you. I act according to what I understand.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman / 103 fm

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