Local rain and partial clearing: tomorrow’s forecast

Local rain and partial clearing: tomorrow’s forecast
Local rain and partial clearing: tomorrow’s forecast

After a cool, rainy day that came just in time for the winter solstice, the night weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy and local rain has fallen in most parts of the country and there is a risk of flooding. Tomorrow morning, local rain fell in most parts of the country, and there is still a fear of flooding in the eastern and southern streams. In the north of the country, strong easterly winds will blow. Gradually the rain will stop, there will be a partial clearing, warming will be felt and the temperatures will be higher than the average for the period. A southeasterly flow over our area causes hot and unstable weather, according to Meteo Tech forecaster Tzachi Waxman.

Forecasted temperatures for tonight and tomorrow:

Kiryat Shmona 28-19

Katzrin 26-16

Safed 25-17

Tiberias 29-19

Nazareth 26-18

Haifa 30-21

Tel Aviv 30-21

Jerusalem 27-20

Ashkelon 30-21

Ein Gedi 31-24

Be’er Sheva 30-19

Earth 29-18

Mitzpe Ramon 28-17

Eilat 35-23


The weather will be partly cloudy, there will be a drop in temperatures and an increase in humidity, there may be a drizzle to light rain, especially in the north of the country.


Partly cloudy to clear and temperatures will be slightly above average for the period.


Nice with a slight rise in temperatures and warmer than usual for the period, in the afternoon strong northerly winds will blow along the coastal plain.


Nice, there will be another slight increase in temperatures and it will be warmer than usual for the season.


Local rain partial clearing tomorrows forecast

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