In revealing clothes and with naked girls.. This is how Rahaf al-Qunun celebrated Halloween!!

In revealing clothes and with naked girls.. This is how Rahaf al-Qunun celebrated Halloween!!
In revealing clothes and with naked girls.. This is how Rahaf al-Qunun celebrated Halloween!!

The activist and the star of Saudi social networking sites, Rahaf Al-Qunun, shared a video with the audience through the story feature through her personal account on the social networking site, and she appeared almost naked with a shocking look.
In the details, Rahaf celebrated the occasion of Halloween, with a group of her friends who were also semi-naked, and she wore black underwear, transparent at the abdomen area and only covering the chest, which made her look like a naked insult, and he also placed artificial horns on her head, to make her look like a character. She was imaginary, and she was not satisfied with the clothes only, but she appeared while she was making suggestive movements that disgusted the audience.

The Saudi activist had published a photo while she was in a nightclub with her friend, on her personal page on the social networking site.
The pioneers of social networking sites circulated the image, especially after Al-Qunun’s “belly” appeared somewhat swollen, which raised many questions from her followers, that she might be pregnant from a person without marriage.
It is worth noting that Al-Qunun’s husband had previously revealed that their only daughter is not from him through a clear picture of the DNA mismatch, which means that she is not his daughter, and he wrote: “I always wanted to do a DNA test, but I loved my daughter so much, I was afraid.” I will lose her, but her mother repeated that she does not want her daughter, now I understand why she does not want her, because she knows that the examination will tell me that Rita is not my daughter and that I will leave her, that is why she did not want me to do the examination, and after I ended my relationship with her because she lied, she wanted me to take care of Rita While she goes to parties and sleeps with other men as usual. I was very curious to get the test done so I did it and found out that Rita was not my daughter.”

Rahaf al-Qunun works on a porn site

Rahaf Al-Qunun previously published a selfie of her in front of the mirror on the Al-Asturi feature, in which she appeared completely naked and held her phone in her hand, which sparked controversy and shocked everyone who saw her.
This is not the first time that Rahaf has published a bold image, but this time she crossed the red lines, especially as she has set up a special website for her fans to see her scandalous photos, as she is now working in this field!


revealing clothes naked girls Rahaf alQunun celebrated Halloween

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