Unitsky to launch the funicular in the UAE by the end of 2025

Unitsky to launch the funicular in the UAE by the end of 2025
Unitsky to launch the funicular in the UAE by the end of 2025

Sharjah: «Gulf»
Unitsky Group of Companies, the Belarusian enterprise specialized in creating safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions, has completed the first phase of the U-Sky skytrain project to transport passengers and goods at the Sharjah Test Facility.

uSky’s first commercial projects are transitioning from the innovation and venture capital phases to the venture capital phase ahead of the official launch in 2022. Unitsky continues to test the sustainable transportation solution ahead of its large-scale implementation next year.

Commenting on this issue, Anatoly Unitsky, founder of the Unitsky and U Sky Transport group of companies, said: “This solution is a milestone in our development. And that is by taking advantage of the latest technologies of the features of the suspended transmission system, which include flexibility, versatility and distinctive capabilities that keep pace with the highest standards of quality and cost-efficiency. The uSky system, which is designed to provide logistics services for passengers and goods, provides high-speed connectivity, is inexpensive to set up compared to other transportation solutions, and has very little environmental impact.” The total investment in the design and construction of uSky’s urban transport and freight facilities in compliance with accreditation standards amounted to more than $14 million.

The first suspended transport project in the Middle East and North Africa region includes options for transporting passengers and goods, and the moving vehicles include self-driving electric cabins, such as the two “U-Car” passenger vehicles, and “U-Cont” cargo vehicles, which are designed to travel at a speed of 150 km per hour on railways. suspended.

The first line of the “U Sky” complex can be expanded at its current location within the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park to connect the network of training buildings at the destination. U Sky’s transportation solutions comply with the transportation infrastructure safety standards issued by TUV SW, a provider of quality, safety and sustainability solutions.

The second phase

The second stage refers to the launch of a technical platform dedicated to driving and adopting the high-speed “U Sky” line, whereby electronic suspended vehicles reach a speed of 500 km per hour. At Expo 2020 Dubai, the Unitsky group of companies is presenting an innovative solution for the participating countries and companies working in the fields of transportation, energy, information, development, agricultural projects, and other related sectors around the world.

Usky high speed platform application factors include:

* The investment required to build a high-speed transportation complex for research and demonstration purposes, in compliance with approved standards, is $230 million. The length of the funicular prototype starts at 20 km, while the land area to cover starts at 100 hectares.

* The investment required to fully implement the technology platform with all transportation infrastructure facilities and other related technologies is $500 million. The additional plot area is more than 50 hectares.

* The period of construction and approval of the high-speed transport complex “U Sky” (from the beginning of the comprehensive financing of the project) is two years.

* The duration of the establishment of the entire technical platform (from the beginning of the comprehensive financing of the project) is three years.

* The speed of suspended and high-speed electric vehicles in passenger, cargo and cargo compartments is 500 km per hour as envisaged by the technical platform for the construction of the pilot site. Finally, the speed increases to 600 km/h (with a test track of 30 km or more)

More than 100 research, development and technical activities related to the sector will be developed within the proposed Technical Innovation Center, including intelligent control systems, high-speed packet transmission and coding systems, machine vision and automated diagnostics, power supply and communication systems, occupant safety and behavior control systems, aerodynamics and aerodynamics. For high-speed transport by funicular, and many more.

Government agencies

Many government agencies have expressed their interest in using USKY services to deploy the USKY high-speed technology platform in their regions, coinciding with the high levels of demand for urban freight services, high-speed transport between cities, and infrastructure solutions in many countries around the world. the scientist. In addition to providing the necessary land and investment capital, the deployment factors include:

High Land Costs: U-Sky consumes less land to develop and significantly lowers construction and operating costs, compared to traditional transportation solutions. The distance between the support points sometimes reaches three kilometers or more, which allows to bypass huge obstacles, such as rivers, lakes, valleys, connected islands and mountaintops, within one stretch.

Population density

U-Sky solutions avoid large gatherings in a limited space, and provide high mobility for the population, with up to 50,000 passengers per hour.

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