Dangerous game for health: Rubber ducks for the bath

Dangerous game for health: Rubber ducks for the bath
Dangerous game for health: Rubber ducks for the bath

Chemical Risk Rubber Duck Source: Ministry of Economy

October 28th, 12:09pm
October 28th, 12:09pm

Leah Efrati


Public warning from the person in charge of standards at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, after a routine inspection by the inspectors of the Ministry of Economy at the stock warehouse in Ofakim, a rubber duck product was taken for the bathroom. Immediately upon receipt of the Standards Institute’s findings, which indicate an abnormality in phthalate content, the product was removed from the shelves at the business.

The commissioner calls on the parents and caregivers of children to immediately stop using the product: “a large duck set and three small ducks in the net.”

Product details: Rubber ducks for the bathroom – a large duck set and three small ducks. Barcode: 7262626047224. ITEM NO S-28-3, SKU 4722 (indicated on the label), Made in China

Type of risk: chemical.

In tests conducted by the Commissioner for Standards through the Standards Institute, an abnormality was found in the content of phthalates (hazardous chemicals for children’s health) of the DEHP type, more than 18 times the requirements of the official Israeli standard applicable to them: TI 562 “Toy Safety”.

The use of the product should be stopped immediately and kept out of the reach of children.

Businesses that sell the product must remove it from the shelves and transfer it to an importer / marketer for destruction. The Administration of Procedure should be updated accordingly.

Please note: this product may be offered for sale in other stores. If you come across this product, the details of which are identical to the part number and barcode written on the label, please notify the Administration of Procedure at the email address: [email protected]

Or by phone 074-7502300, 03-5657144 / 5.


Dangerous game health Rubber ducks bath

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