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“The generator owners crisis”… A trend towards this price of 5 amps

“Lebanon Debyte”

Generator owners tend to hand over books to the Ministry of Energy announcing their inability to continue lighting the homes of the Lebanese, according to the ministry’s pricing, which they consider unfair to them, at a time when there is talk of pricing a kilowatt at 6000 Lebanese pounds, which is equivalent to two million and more for five amperes.

Yesterday, a meeting was held between the generator owners and Energy Minister Walid Fayyad, where they informed him of their request to present the schedule to the public.

The head of the Union of Generators Owners, Abdo Saadeh, explained to “Lebanon Debate”, that they “informed the Minister’s advisor, Khaled Nakhle, with whom they completed the meeting, their refusal to request the price table to the Ministry of Energy if the pricing was not fair to them, and they refused to install the meter at the expense of the generator owners, They also demanded to raise the subscription fee to 50,000, specifically the subscription above 10 amperes.

And he pointed out that “the ministry has priced a diesel fuel tank at 245,000 according to the dollar exchange rate of 19400, but the cost to the generator owner makes the fuel tank price 267 thousand, which means a loss of 20 thousand.

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