The worst is knocking on Lebanon’s door today… “The paper is wet”

The worst is knocking on Lebanon’s door today… “The paper is wet”
The worst is knocking on Lebanon’s door today… “The paper is wet”

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In the wake of the glorious popular momentum that the supporters of sovereignty and glory filled in Lebanon today, the paper of the “commissioner” of Hezbollah in the Military Court was wet in turbid waters and was returned to its owners without much thanks.

In this context, troop sources renewed, through “Nidaa al-Watan”, “rejection of any swap” between the cases of the port and Tayouneh, considering that the Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Ra’i expressed his positions from Ain al-Tineh the day before yesterday, while the troop position “is clear in support of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Bitar. To the utmost limits, refusing to divide the file of the judicial investigation into the August 4 crime, and continuing to adhere firmly to the obligation of all defendants to appear before the judicial investigator without any exceptions.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the situation is “a thief and a point,” Najib Mikati’s government is still paralyzed by the statements of its irresponsible ministers, and its latest “achievements” are the statement of Minister of Information George Kordahi, which caused a great storm for Lebanon and the Lebanese with the Gulf states.

As soon as this statement spread, there were condemnations and summons to the Lebanese ambassadors in the Gulf countries in order to hand them official protest notes against the “offensive” statements of the Minister of Information, as stated in the statement of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday, coinciding with the Kingdom’s announcement of the classification of the “good loan” association in Lebanon. as a terrorist entity, as it is linked to activities in support of “Hezbollah”.

Accordingly, the internal situation oscillates in a field of escalating crises; From the economic and living crisis that decimated every aspect of the life of the Lebanese citizen, to the crisis of the judicial investigation into the explosion of the Port of Beirut and the confusions that accompany it, to the crisis of the investigation into the events of Tayouneh, to the crisis of the electoral law that warns of a violent political clash around it, raising in the internal atmosphere serious questions about the fate of the entitlement The electoral crisis, the government crisis and the disruption of cabinet sessions, and last and perhaps not least, given the Lebanese field that is open to everything, the diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and the Gulf states, which has entered the stage of violent interaction, against the background of Qardahi’s position on the war in Yemen.

And all of these open crises indicate that Lebanon has been completely unlucky, and has entered an unprecedented phase of severe embarrassment at all levels, which tends to interact more, with the exacerbation of internal crises and the accumulation of causes of political and sectarian tension in a frightening manner, and with the terrible impotence that strikes at the heart of the ruling authority. Under which Lebanon appeared, lacking the minimum level of internal immunity that would avoid the repercussions of crises and their negative effects on the Lebanese citizen, and protect him from the possibility of a catastrophic collapse, according to Al-Jumhuriya.

In the government, informed political sources told the “Liwaa” that the political contacts related to the return of government sessions to the periodic session are being handled by Mikati at a time when it is difficult to predict any date for government sessions for fear of any convulsive reaction. It is likely that the return is subject to guarantees obtained from ministers with insurance A healthy atmosphere for the cabinet.

It was understood from the sources that the stalled government would not be able to accomplish anything, and ministerial meetings could not constitute the solution. The sources said that there is a consensus between President Michel Aoun and the Prime Minister that the sessions will resume after providing appropriate conditions, as it is not intended to repeat any abuse that contributes again to disrupting a government that was supposed to go to basic files related to the reality in which citizens live.

As for today’s session, there is a clear convulsion, which began with an attacking tweet on the “Amal” movement and the “Lebanese Forces”, launched by the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” MP Gibran Bassil, in which he indicated that “when he talked about the complicity of the duo of Tayouneh, the resurrection took place, We have seen this complicity in the street over the blood of the people, and in the Parliament over the election law and the rights of the scattered, and tomorrow we will see it in the parliament and by eliminating the victims of the Harfa and Tayouneh explosions together… No to obliterating the truth with the biggest explosion that Lebanon and the world witnessed in return for securing the innocence of a criminal.”

This tweet called for a response from the “Development and Silk Bloc” on the lips of Representative Ali Bazzi, who addressed Basil by saying, “The goal of all your tweets is to overthrow the consensus that was established between the presidents and His Beatitude the Patriarch, what is the good news of Peter Al-Rahi, and take the country towards ruin.”

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