A fatal mistake made by Corona patients

A fatal mistake made by Corona patients
A fatal mistake made by Corona patients

At the beginning of the emergence of the Corona epidemic, almost every infected person was lying in the hospital in intensive care, whether he showed symptoms or remained in good health, but after about a year this is no longer possible.

In some cases, many people infected with the Corona virus need to be hospitalized to receive treatment, but does infection with Corona require going to the hospital?

The Russian doctor and TV presenter, Alexander Myasnikov, confirmed on the “Russia 1” channel, that infection with the Corona virus can be treated at home without the need to go to the hospital.

According to him, corona can be treated most often at home, and going to the hospital is necessary only during viral pneumonia based on special indications.

He added that the fever should be reduced with “paracetamol, a lot of drinking hot drinks and water, chicken broth, and bed rest.”

However, when infected with the Coronavirus, many people start taking various medications at random: blood thinners, hormones, and antibiotics.

The doctor assures that such an approach to treatment will only aggravate the condition. “Patients get a lot of rubbish in the form of supposedly antiviral drugs,” Myasnikov said. I fear that this uncontrolled treatment of a large group of people, rather than assistance, may increase mortality.” He called on doctors to inform patients of the risks of taking unnecessary medications.

Despite the change in the treatment protocol, and the survival of many infected people in their homes, the virus remains of a high risk in light of the lack of a vaccine and medicine against Corona, on a wide basis.

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