A world-class car city in Egypt soon… What’s the story?

A world-class car city in Egypt soon… What’s the story?
A world-class car city in Egypt soon… What’s the story?

During his follow-up to the construction and engineering position of a number of engineering authority projects at the republic level, Sisi stressed that “the city must be built in an integrated manner so as to include all the necessary services.”

Major General Hussein Mostafa, an auto industry expert and formerly executive director of the Automobile Manufacturers Association, says: “The New Egyptian Auto City is a cultural shift in the direction of upgrading the services provided to the Egyptian citizen, as it contains various administrative offices that allow checking and verifying car papers and verifying their authenticity. And the integrity of its legal position before selling it, prevents fraud that occurs from the seller to the buyer.

Mustafa continued, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The city will also allow inspection of the car through service centers to assess its technical condition and clarify to the buyer the technical and price value of the car in the same place, all this in addition to the logistical areas it contains such as restaurants, cafeterias and civil protection buildings. which may make the relationship between the seller and the buyer an integrated relationship.

High level services

President Sisi had directed that the city include an integrated set of high-level services, from inspection and maintenance centers, spare parts, shops, administrative buildings and banks, taking into account the provision of public facilities, rest houses, restaurants, and highways, to accommodate the expected influx of visitors and visitors and meet all their needs.

The auto industry expert confirmed: “In the city, the buyer will see all kinds of cars, whether used or new showrooms, compare them in one day, and make his decision to buy, which is considered to be a facilitation for him and to raise the services provided to him, in addition to the official offices and authorities through which he will be able to complete all the required papers. in record time.”

Incentives for major exhibitions

The Executive Director of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers previously added: “The major exhibitions must remain as they are in the cities as long as they do not occupy the road or cause any crisis, provided that many incentives are provided to them to open branches in the New Car City to facilitate the process of their presence, in addition to that the locations of these companies The major cities in the capitals of the cities or the main streets increase the process of spreading and buying and selling.”

He noted: “Such major projects provide new job opportunities for young people in various fields, whether in technical services such as detection stations, service and sales centers, or various administrative services. This city is a cultural shift in the state’s permanent orientation in providing services to citizens.”

International Motor City details

The Egyptian Motor City is located on an area of ​​57 acres, and can accommodate 4,000 cars, in addition to 6 parking lots on a large area. It also contains an internal road network and 10 entrance gates to collect fees.

A number of government service places will be located in the city, such as the real estate registry to register sales operations, bank branches, financing companies to facilitate credit, a civil protection and ambulance building, and a building with new car showrooms and service centers.

Remove all randomness

Ahmed Abu Ali, an economist, says: “During the past seven years, the Egyptian state has been keen to remove all aspects of randomness and lack of planning in the lives of Egyptians in all its forms, and one of the most important points is the establishment of the first Egyptian city for cars with international competitive standards.”

And Abu Ali continued, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The Egyptian city provides a local and international service to eliminate randomness in the car markets located on the Egyptian street, and relieve pressure on the streets of Cairo, which is what the Egyptian state is now doing in full swing to end these works. city ​​and open to the public.

He stressed, “President Sisi wants, with the idea of ​​establishing the International Motor City, to make a civilizational shift in upgrading the services provided to the Egyptian citizen in the automotive sector, and the city is considered something that reflects the extent of the political leadership’s interest in advancing the sector as a whole.”

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