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Zofar Abdia: “Some players are wasting their careers at Maccabi Tel Aviv”

Bnei Herzliya is one of the only two teams in the Winner Basket League that opened the season with a perfect balance of three wins and no losses. The group’s professional manager and father of, Zofar Abdia, Went up for an interview on “Open Ground” and provided quite a few interesting statements about the success of his team, the foreign players he brought, the young Israelis who must play more and also about the shot of Chinano Onoako’s grandmother.

“I’m busy with the smaller things, which you don’t see, I cultivate the relationship with the players, give them a good feeling and less on the professional side,” he said of his role on the team. “American foreigners feel comfortable with me because of my attire, it’s easy for them to identify with me,” he went on to reveal, “I buy players three casts in ten to give them a good feeling.”

On the good start and level of the team: “True, we are good, but we should not make a splash, we only won three games and it seems that in the meantime everything connected, but give us more time,” he continued, talking about the foreign players he brought: “We wanted to create a young team and player “One senior and responsible (except for Chris Bab, who excelled in the last round with 31 points, all the other players on the team are 27 and under). I believe 4-5 of my players will not be here next year, they will continue to the high levels.”

On Onoako’s grandmother’s throw from the penalty spot: “As soon as I saw it I said I wanted it, even if it didn’t hit I knew it would bring spectators to the hall, it’s something that gives color.” Speaking of spectators and the hall, Zofi also had something to say in this matter: “There can be no big and rich goat like Herzliya will play in 2021 in a school hall, I try to work on it.”

Zoffy loves his grandmother’s shot. Onoako (League Director)

He was later asked if Bnei Herzliya is a subsidiary of Maccabi Tel Aviv following the addition of Dori Sahar, Sandy Cohen and coach Oren Aharoni, who are identified with the Yellows: “We are not their subsidiary, there is no agreement between us, but why not? If small teams bring Young players who do not play in Barcelona and Real Madrid, and in Israel there are players who do not play for Maccabi and waste their careers there, why not give them a chance? “, Zofi claimed and hoped: their”.

On the inexperience of the team’s coach, Oren Aharoni, in the senior team: “He does not come from handball. He is a coach for many years, a basketball man who works 24 hours a day, a coach of the players, one who never stops working. No coach started straight in the Euroleague.”

Finally, he was asked about his son’s season opener in Washington: “I’m me and Danny is Danny. I came to put Bnei Herzliya in order and that’s what I did. Danny is back after a six-month injury and has two more years in Washington. He will fight, I’m sure, but I can not help him. ”

“Can’t help it.” Danny Abdia (GETTY)

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