Let us ask God to hear the cry of the desperate, exhausted people

Let us ask God to hear the cry of the desperate, exhausted people
Let us ask God to hear the cry of the desperate, exhausted people

The Maronite Patriarchal Agent to the Holy See, Archbishop Youhanna Rafiq al-Warsha, pointed out that “Lebanon, which has been flogged, bearing its cross since 1975, has been passing from one crisis to another. Today, it is suffering more, and the reality is getting worse. The horizon is to overcome this.” The crisis is closed from the human point of view, but it comes comfort from heaven, and hope comes from Jesus Christ, the source of peace.

He continued during the Maronite rite in the Italian region of Assisi, with the intention of peace in Lebanon, at the invitation of the “Servants of the Good Shepherd” group, in the Church of the Risen Christ in a monastery belonging to the Capuchin Order, and in the presence of the Mayor of Assisi: “It is not a coincidence that we meet in Assisi.” To pray for peace in Lebanon, but it is undoubtedly a divine measure, which brought us together in this region, which is a symbol of peace, for dialogue and convergence. We ask God to intervene at this time for the sake of this small and poor country.

He added: “The largest number of the Lebanese people live below the poverty line. We ask bitterly: How can we continue to live? Hospitals are in crisis, and do not have the necessary facilities to receive patients. Educational institutions are closing their doors and sending their employees to their homes. The basic things are missing.” To secure the least possible for the family’s needs.Therefore, many people migrate in search of a decent and quiet life, in a word, everything has collapsed!This is due to the negligence of officials, not to mention the corruption that has spread among those who have to manage political and economic matters… The main problem: If you ask someone responsible for the cause of this collapse, who is responsible? Everyone will answer: “Not me.”

Bishop Al-Warsha mentioned the visit of Pope Saint John Paul II to Lebanon in 1997, who indicated in the Apostolic Exhortation on Lebanon, saying: “Lebanon is not a country, it is a message.” He added: “His Holiness wanted to anticipate a better future for Lebanon.” If all the Lebanese, especially the leaders, were able to heal the wounds of the past, but unfortunately, and I do not want to enter into a political discussion, various external interventions took place, and then concessions came, which led to the neglect of the common good.

He added: “On May 10 and 11, 2022, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Lebanon. Let us pray to the Lord, asking that the holy Pope’s dream of a peaceful Lebanon be fulfilled, where personal and public human rights are respected and protected. Lebanon is prosperous, to be considered anew.” The Switzerland of the East, and we call out the cry of an entire people, the Lebanese people, desperate and exhausted, in need of guarantees, hope and peace.

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