Lebanon in the Gulf Storm… Will it deliver this time?

Lebanon in the Gulf Storm… Will it deliver this time?
Lebanon in the Gulf Storm… Will it deliver this time?
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The Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, sent an indirect message to Saudi Arabia, in which he said that he is committed to the Lebanese government’s foreign policy, especially with regard to “preserving the best relations with the brotherly Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and Yemen, for which I and their peoples have a special affection.”

Former MP Emile Lahoud said in an interview with the “Window on Lebanon” program in this regard:

“In fact, I am surprised by this reaction, because the words that Minister George Qardahi said are much lower than the words we heard from the United States, for example, as well as many Arab countries and countries of the world regarding the absurd war in Yemen.”

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Lahoud points out that “the sharp Gulf reaction has one explanation, which is that Lebanon has become easier to deal with for them, given that a similar incident occurred some time ago, which is that the foreign minister resigned under the demand of this thing, and that was responded to.”

Lahoud warned that this matter would become a new habit, namely, “Anyone who is disturbed by a word uttered by a Lebanese official becomes a right for these countries to demand his resignation, as if Lebanon is a joint stock company and all these countries have a share and an opinion in it, and why did these countries not comment on the speech issued by The United States and other countries criticize the war in Yemen. Is there a kind of fear and dread in front of these countries?

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