Australia advises caution abroad when borders open Monday

Australia advises caution abroad when borders open Monday
Australia advises caution abroad when borders open Monday


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Australia advised its nationals who intend to travel abroad to exercise “a high degree of caution. This comes after Australia began preparing to open its borders with the world for the first time in 19 months.”

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has reintroduced travel advice to 177 countries and territories before fully vaccinated Australians can travel freely from Monday.

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International travel will initially be limited to Sydney airport, because New South Wales has the highest vaccination rate in the country.

The vast majority of Australian permanent residents and citizens have been stranded in the country since March last year due to the coronavirus-related restrictions, which have been the most stringent in any democracy.

Those forced to travel had to request exceptions to the ban, and prove their exceptional circumstances.

The authorities rejected most of the requests, or approved them too late, and the government did not allow travel to and from Australia for the purpose of tourism.

But it exempted a few categories from the international travel ban, including public officials.

More than 86% of the population of the most populous Australian states received the full vaccination, while more than 93% of the target population received a single dose.

Permanent residents and citizens will initially be free to travel, and priority will be given to fully vaccinated employees and foreigners.

But the government expects Australia to receive tourists from abroad again before the end of this year.

Source: Associated Press

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Australia advises caution borders open Monday

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