UK responds to French threat to ban fishing boats

UK responds to French threat to ban fishing boats
UK responds to French threat to ban fishing boats


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Britain said France’s threat to block British boats from entering its ports in a dispute over fishing grounds appeared to violate international law, and London vowed to respond if Paris went ahead with the move.

France had announced that it would prevent British fishing boats from entering some French ports from next week, if no agreement was reached with the United Kingdom over the dispute over fishing licenses.

The United Kingdom responded, saying that “France’s threats are disappointing and disproportionate, and not what we expect from a close ally and partner,” adding: “The measures do not appear to be compatible with the United Kingdom’s divorce agreement from the European Union and with broader international law, and if implemented, they will be met with a response. appropriate and calculated.

Since the United Kingdom left the economic sphere of the European Union at the beginning of the year, relations between London and Paris have become increasingly strained.

France strongly protested last month’s decision by the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, Jersey, to refuse permits for dozens of French fishing boats to operate in their territorial waters.

France says the restrictions run counter to the post-Brexit deal the British government signed when it left the European Union.

After weeks of negotiations, British authorities have issued more fishing permits, but the number is still only 50 percent of what France believes it is “entitled to”, said French government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

Source: AP

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responds French threat ban fishing boats

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