Roni Levy and Miguel Vitor speak ahead of the game against Maccabi Netanya

Roni Levy and Miguel Vitor speak ahead of the game against Maccabi Netanya
Roni Levy and Miguel Vitor speak ahead of the game against Maccabi Netanya

Hapoel Beer Sheva has already counted four consecutive victories in the league and is alone at the top, but on Saturday it will be a difficult hurdle in the form of an away game against Maccabi Netanya (20:00, Sport 4).

Today the team held the press conference ahead of the meeting and the coach Roni Levy Praised the new coach of the Diamonds, Bnei Lem: “We are coming after a very good series and want to continue it. We also want to get better and be better, but know that we are going into a very difficult away game against an opponent who looks great in recent games. All week, we will arrive ready. “

How it was prepared for Maccabi Netanya: “I hope my balance against Maccabi Netanya is maintained, but it belongs to history and we look forward and want to win games that will be held in the future. We saw that Netanya is a team that plays very offensively and sends a lot of players forward, we will have to know how to deal with it. Improve in a number of parameters, and we will improve. “

On the improvement of Hapoel Beer Sheva in recent weeks: “It is impossible for all games to be brilliant, there are games that go more and there are games that go at least. We want to maintain stability and be high quality and brilliant all the time, but there are also games that need to know how to win by force. From the players. The guys are training and preparing in the best way and they deserve compliments. “

The reason for the criticism despite the fact that the group is at the top: “I hear the noises, but less goes into the depths of things. Always want and expect, and I’m glad we have expectations and I as a coach constantly push the players and push them in training and games. We all want to be better and I am never satisfied and strive for more.”

If it’s an important game for him on a personal level: “I live in Netanya and grew up there as an actor, I have a lot of emotion for the city and there are emotions, but in the end we get to the field and I want and strive to win. After that we will remain friends.”

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The biggest competition in the faculty: “Right now there is very good competition in the squad and I as a coach and we as a team have a number of options, but the season is still long and we will need them all.

In addition to the coach, the brake and the captain also spoke to the journalists Miguel VitorAsked about the change the team went through this summer: “We know we need to get better, the coach requires us to push harder, lose a lot less and also attack more, but the team has a lot of new players and things take time. Lots of new players arrived and we still need time to connect, but “The best thing is that we work hard and win. If we continue like this, then the audience will be happy, certainly if we also play better.”

How it improves from season to season: “When you come back from injury you are not one hundred percent ready, but in the last year I have come back to myself and when the team looks good then it also helps. I work hard every day to be in the best shape.”

What Roni Levy brought with him to Hapoel Beer Sheva: “Lots of passion, seriousness. He wants us to always be in the right place at the right time tactically and he demands a lot from us, but that’s a good thing. I think the good results are thanks to the work.”

The change in Hapoel Beer Sheva’s defense this season: “Experienced team players came to the defense and I think it’s good for everyone to have such quality in the team and such competition for the team. It also helps me get better when I play with good and quality players next to me.”

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