What happened in Tayouneh is planned to lure Hezbollah into a civil war – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

What happened in Tayouneh is planned to lure Hezbollah into a civil war – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon
What happened in Tayouneh is planned to lure Hezbollah into a civil war – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Sheikh Ali Damoush considered that “the political investment in the blood of the martyrs of the port explosion and the incitement against Hezbollah, against the background of holding it responsible for the explosion, did not stop since the moment of the accident, but the incitement took on dangerous dimensions since Judge Bitar received responsibility.” The investigation, where many indications of politicization and discretion, including, for example, the summoning of some stakeholders without others, and the complete absence of summoning the judges responsible for following up on the issue of nitrate storage, appeared.

In a speech during a political meeting called by the party’s Free Professions Unit with professional groups, Sheikh Damoush said, “Hezbollah has repeatedly warned against the politicization of the case, and demanded adherence to the legal process of the investigation, and urged finding legal and political ways to remove the investigative judge, but that All of this collided with factional and external accounts and American interventions, which plunged the government and the country into a predicament.”

He added, “Faced with this reality, we have no choice but to resort to the popular option, and we and the Amal movement took a trend to establish a peaceful sit-in in front of the Palace of Justice to demand the removal of the judge and return the investigation to its correct legal path, so the protesters were shot and a massacre was committed against them in Tayouneh.”

Sheikh Damoush stressed that “what happened in Tayouneh was pre-planned, and that the responsible for it is the Lebanese Forces, and that the goal of what happened was to lure the duo, specifically Hezbollah, into a reaction that would lead to a civil war that calls for putting the resistance’s weapon on the negotiating table, demanding its removal and the establishment of a political reality.” It is new in Lebanon where there is no resistance, but this failed due to the awareness of the leadership of the resistance and the patience and insight of its people, and if it were not for that, the country would have set ablaze with the fire of killers and criminals.”

And he believed, “What happened will exacerbate the political crisis if the criminals and murderers are not held accountable and there is no decisive position on the part of the investigative judge, who has endangered civil peace and plunged the country into this predicament.” accordingly,” stressing that the party would not accept anything less than the removal of the investigative judge and the punishment of the perpetrators and instigators of the Tayouneh massacre.

He concluded, stressing, “The head of the Forces Party revolted against the judges and fled from the investigation and cheered him by his supporters and allies, and considering this a heroism, reveals the falseness of their claims to protect the judiciary and concern for justice. By removing a politicized judge who wants to miss the truth.”

Source: National Media Agency

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