Everything you wanted to know about Buzz Lightyear’s new movie

Everything you wanted to know about Buzz Lightyear’s new movie
Everything you wanted to know about Buzz Lightyear’s new movie

Yesterday (Wednesday) Disney released the first teaser trailer for one of Pixar’s most intriguing films, “Light Years”, which tells the story of the real man who inspired one of the protagonists of the “Toy Story” franchise, the brave space warrior Buzz Lightyear. In 2019, before “Toy Story 4” came out, Disney announced that Buzz’s toy doll was her best-selling doll ever.

According to what is known so far, “Light Years” tells the adventures of the daring test pilot Buzz, who leaves Earth and joins the ranks of the Space Defender Corps, fighting the evil Emperor Zurg – whom viewers of “Toy Story” know from his toy character, as she appeared In “Toy Story 2”. Watch the teaser trailer:

“Light Years” – Teaser Trailer

Since the teaser came out, the network has been buzzing with a variety of items on the subject. One of the main reasons for the buzz surrounding the film is of course the immense popularity of the “Toy Story” franchise, which has become a cultural phenomenon. The four films in the series have grossed more than $ 3 billion at the box office worldwide since the first “Toy Story” came outBreakthrough In 1995, and the ancillary products industry it created continues to put capital in Disney’s pockets.

Another reason stems from the film’s unusual concept: a spin-off of a beloved animated character, which gives it a “true” origin story, one rooted in the reality of the fictional world of the film series to which it is related. In other words: a bit of a mess. Pop culture site Kotaku, for example, posted an item on the new trailer under the headline: “There’s no logic in the ‘Light Years’ trailer, and it’s breaking the brain of the internet.” And so the name of the idea is described: “This is an original story within an original story, not for a toy doll, but for the character who inspired her. In real life. But in a film that is fictitious. Indeed, we live in cursed times.”

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Disney’s best-selling toy ever. Buzz Lightyear


The director of the film is Angus McClain – a Pixar veteran who worked for the company as an animator in all her films from “Bug Life” to “Toy Story 3”, was a co-director in “Find My Generation” (which earned more than $ 1 billion at the box office), and by and large, was involved One way or another in most studio films. In addition, McClain has directed short films for Pixar, including Burn-E which takes place in the world of “Wall-E” and two short films from the world of “Toy Story”.

“This is a direct action-movie that deals with the character of Buzz Lightyear,” McClain explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “That made him want a Buzz Lightyear doll … but the movie isn ‘t over and then you see Andy eating popcorn,” McClain continued, “this is Buzz Lightyear’s movie. It’s this character, but as a space shield, not as a toy. “

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From the trailer for “Shanot-Or”


Later in the interview, McClain revealed the great impact of the Star Wars movie saga on him and his Pixar counterparts – an impact that the obvious revelations exist in the teaser trailer for his new film. “I would say that at Pixar, ‘Star Wars’ was our common language when I started in ’97. It was the thing we could not get out of our heads. The world changed forever after we saw ‘Star Wars’ … I think the resemblance to ‘Light Years’ is not “I’m not really interested in repeating things or reminding viewers of better movies, but there are a lot of visual lessons from the movies of that era.”

The character of Buzz Lightyear will be voiced in the film by Chris Evans, the star of Disney’s Marvel movies, who plays the iconic character of Captain America. Yesterday, when the Disney announcement of the upcoming film came out, Evans also tweeted his excitement, saying, “I have duck skin, and so it will be every time I watch this trailer, or I hear a Bowie song, or when I have any thoughts from now until July that nothing ever It did not make me more happy and grateful than knowing that I was a part of it, and that is always in my mind. “

But the original character of Buzz Lightyear, the toy doll from the “Toy Story” movies, was voiced by actor Tim Allen – and since yesterday there has been a lot of speculation on the net about replacing him with Evans, even though he is actually a different character. One item on the subject, published in TMZ, caused a stir due to speculation that Allen had been replaced by Evans – a declared liberal – due to his conservative views and support for the Republican camp.

Needless to say, the idea resonated with another item published on Fox News – and this unfounded speculation caused a stir on social media. Yesterday, for example, conservative writer Brigitte Gabriel, an activist against radical Islam, tweeted a list of names of conservative celebrities under the headline: “I will take a conservative and freedom-loving Hollywood on any given day!”.

Director McClain, for his part, explained in an interview with the Collider website the choice of Evans for the role of dubbing. “I wanted to bring weight and seriousness to the film, but also to have an actor who could bring humor with that seriousness. The truth is that he was the first and only choice … you need someone who has that star-power. If it was a live-action film, who could “Do it? He can do both.”

Either way, the initial noise generated by “light-years” will probably only help it when it is released this June. It is due to arrive on June 16, just three months after Pixar’s next film, “Turning Red” is scheduled to be released. If you try to guess from the average profits of “Toy Story” movies so far, profits of over $ 760 million are totally in the planning. But on its way to breaking the box office, there are also obstacles to “light years”, such as the fact that it is a spin-off film, as opposed to another official part of the beloved film series, and Disney’s distribution strategy which may include parallel distribution on the Disney Plus streaming service. Corona Global is still significantly reducing the revenue of the films currently being released. Will Buzz reach infinity and beyond at the box office as well? We’ll wait and see.

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