Google provides modern tools and features for “smart home” application developers

Google provides modern tools and features for “smart home” application developers
Google provides modern tools and features for “smart home” application developers

The American technology and Internet services giant, Google, announced its work on developing new tools for smart home application developers, according to the protocol known as “Matter”, in order to set unified standards.

According to press reports, the giant company clarified at its “Google Smart Home Developer Summit” that it has developed tools and features that help developers provide new applications for devices that are produced compatible with the Mater protocol for smart home devices.

Mater is scheduled to be a global programming language for home devices connected to the Internet, and the new protocol is scheduled to be launched during 2022, with support from Google and other major companies such as Amazon, Apple and Samsung.

Google intends to keep the “Google Home” service while adding new tools in its framework, in the form of the “Google Home Developer Center”, which gives developers access to the tools they need to produce devices, applications or smart home machines.

The new “Google Home” brings the development of device setup, automation and voice control capabilities, Android devices and Google Nest under one umbrella.

Google said the new name is for the entire smart home platform and developer program, and a new Google Home Developer Center has been announced.

The Developer Center is a one-stop shop for developing anything related to the smart home, offering new tools to help accelerate Matter adoption in the smart home.

The Google Home Device SDK can help developers quickly build and integrate Matter devices, so they are ready when the standard version launches next year. This also happens when Google commits to update Nest and Android devices with Matter support.

And native Android support via Google Play Services and the new Google Home Mobile SDK provides critical support for mobile devices and apps to help simplify smart home device setup.

This means that setting up a Matter-enabled device — like a light bulb or a smart plug — is as simple as turning it on and opening an app. (either Google Home or the manufacturer’s app). The app then does most of the tasks for connecting to wireless networks, Thread, and any other devices you own.

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