In conjunction with the launch of “Pixel 6/6 Pro” .. great features in the latest version “Android 12”

In conjunction with the launch of “Pixel 6/6 Pro” .. great features in the latest version “Android 12”
In conjunction with the launch of “Pixel 6/6 Pro” .. great features in the latest version “Android 12”

The American giant Google has launched the latest versions of the Android operating system for smartphones, “Android 12”, coinciding with the launch of its new phone, “Pixel 6/6 Pro”.

The British “The Verge” website, which specializes in technology news, reported a report highlighting the advantages of the new update for the most used operating system around the world.

Change the interface

Android 12 introduces a feature called “Material You” that will automatically customize the colors of the icons and menu text around the phone, to match your wallpaper, and to fully see the material you are using, long press on the home screen and select a wallpaper and pattern, after that choose the available stock options On the phone or choose an image from your files, once you select an image, Android will allow you to choose a color that matches the background.

One-handed mode

The new one-handed mode may not get much attention, but it’s a feature that can make a huge difference in the way you use your phone. This is a handy phone if you use bulky phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The idea is to have a new one-handed mode that makes it easier for you to tap on a quick settings panel or a notification.

To enable one-handed mode, go to Settings System Gestures One-handed mode.

Custom Game Mode

If you are someone who loves to play games on your Android phone, you will also like the dedicated Game Mode. The basic premise of the original game mode is to block notifications and other interruptions when playing games. Although OnePlus and Samsung have added game modes to their phones, Android 12 brings this feature already.

To get into gaming mode, you’ll first need to head to Settings, from there go to Notifications, then Do Not Disturb, and finally, Schedules. On that screen, you’ll see instances where Do Not Disturb is automatically applied such as “Flip to Shhh” on the Pixel and similar features.

Easily turn off microphone and camera across all apps

With Android 12, Google gives you the option to turn off your microphone and camera across all apps. The idea is to give you control over the use of your phone’s microphone and camera. There is a new kill switch for both in the permission settings panel. The function is also available as a quick tile in the notification center.

new calculator

The new calculator app is in Android 12, and it’s getting the new stuff you’re designing. The design is heavily inspired by the rest of the user interface. The calculator app now has rounded edges and rounded keys, in addition, you can choose three options in the settings: light theme, dark theme, and default system.

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