Emirates News Agency – Sharjah Family Forum adopts 15 recommendations to support the family in facing the challenges of digital life

Emirates News Agency – Sharjah Family Forum adopts 15 recommendations to support the family in facing the challenges of digital life
Emirates News Agency – Sharjah Family Forum adopts 15 recommendations to support the family in facing the challenges of digital life

Sharjah, October 28 / WAM / The sessions of the first and second days of the seventeenth family forum, organized by the Department of Family Development Centers, one of the institutions of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, recommended under the slogan “House and housing 2021..

Digitization is a way of life / by working on preparing studies and research to analyze the cultural gap between generations (fathers, children, and grandchildren) with the aim of bridging this gap and monitoring all challenges and their impact on Arab and Islamic culture, as well as unifying efforts between home and school to enhance the quality of a safe digital life for the new youth supported by the cultural heritage of the UAE and in proportion to the next fifty years.

The forum, which witnessed a wide participation of community members, also called for the necessity of emphasizing the values ​​of the cultural heritage that work to achieve harmony and harmony in society by strengthening the role of the family and educational institutions and monitoring the influencers in the exaggeration of cultural risks such as the negative impact of some famous social media on socialization, especially on young people. And the youth who use it the most and work to find appropriate solutions to address these risks and develop the institutional education environment in order to achieve progress in the production of civilization and promote a culture of positive discipline within the Emirati family because of this culture’s positive effects on the psyche of children throughout their lives and to call for an annual conference to study the general cultural situation within society, discussing the cultural effects created by global cultural communication processes, and holding more conferences and scientific symposiums on the mechanisms of value correction among young people and youth in the Arab environment.

The recommendations of the Seventeenth Family Forum also included working to enhance the process of cultural enrichment, providing mechanisms to support cultural communication between social groups within society, and strengthening the state’s role in formulating laws regulating cultural heritage protection operations, in addition to adopting executive strategies with regard to educational institutions and the media with the aim of consolidating the processes of acceptance of the other. The protection of cultural heritage while working to reproduce it in an updated form that suits the contemporary modernity, in addition to conducting more research and scientific studies concerned with value building and its effects on the Arab family in light of the increasing use of individuals to social networking sites and working to integrate the issues of value influences, the dangers of social networks and the mechanisms of dealing It is part of the research plans of universities and research institutes in the UAE.

The forum also recommended the need to combine the efforts of all means of socialization, including the family and the media, to practice the correct societal values, as these means responsible for socialization are transformed into a practical means to implement the values ​​and work to find a mechanism through which the various institutions of socialization, especially the educational ones, are keen to develop critical thinking among The children, in addition to drawing a map of societal and family values ​​and striving to achieve them within the UAE society, provided that the drafting of this map is adopted by the concerned authorities in the UAE society with the participation of the community of parents and citizens.

Her Excellency Moudhi bint Mohammed Al Shamsi, Head of the Family Development Centers Department and Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee of the Forum, expressed her happiness with the success of the Forum in its early days, which was represented by a wide participation of local and regional social institutions, speakers, experts and specialists to consolidate its position as a local and regional social platform aimed at upgrading individuals and families and contributing to achieving Sustainable and comprehensive social development, noting that the forum was able to come up with important recommendations that enhance the capabilities of the family to face the challenges of digital life and support local efforts in their quest to enhance family cohesion and protect it from all challenges and create a social environment that enhances its stability, especially that the participating government agencies confirmed their intention to adopt These recommendations and their implementation on the ground, most notably the Sharjah Police General Command, which expressed its keenness to support all outcomes and recommendations of the forum, thanking all the strategic partners, official and private bodies that participated in the forum, all speakers, experts and members of the Scientific Committee for their great efforts and keenness to actively contribute to the goal. success Forum and achieve its objectives.

The family forum, which witnessed on its first and second days, held four dialogue sessions that included 5 working papers, continues its effectiveness until October 30, presenting a package of awareness and guidance programs and activities and introductory seminars, through which it sheds light on the most important initiatives and programs of the Department of Family Development Centers and the most prominent achievements of the “Al-Watan.. Family” 2020-2021, in addition to organizing a corner for direct family counseling for the public and holding a series of educational activities for children, the most prominent of which is the analysis of children’s drawings, with the aim of accurately understanding children’s behavior.

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