Watch .. the announcers of the “Madam” program responded to a lawyer’s statements regarding the right of a man to prevent his wife from driving

Al-Marsad newspaper: Lawyer Fayez Al-Enezi sparked a wave of controversy after talking about the husband’s right to prevent his wife from driving a car.

The program announcers’ response

The presenter of the “My Lady” program on the “Rotana Khaleejia” channel stated that the lawyer “Al-Enezi” sparked controversy with his statement about women driving, while the presenter of the program, “Maha Mansour”, interacted by saying: “Oh, peace.” Calm down.. calm down.. I will see the video and I will talk.. but I saw it.”

Reem Mansour said that a woman has one of her most basic rights to study and work, and it is not required to write this down in the marriage contract, as if she is missing her husband’s permission to eat, drink and sleep?!

For her part, broadcaster Lubna Abdel Aziz said that every legal advisor who wants to become a “trend” on “Social Media” enters the weak sanctity. .

Lawyer’s Statements

Al-Enezi had stated that if the husband provides transportation to his wife and performs her duties and transports her to work, hospital and market, then this matter has the right to prevent his wife from driving in order to ward off the harm.

He added that a woman’s going out on her own may harm her or her children, in which case he can prevent her, pointing out that a woman’s driving without her husband’s permission is considered disobedience, and disobedience is disobedience, and disobedience is the forfeiture of the full rights of the wife. According to him.


Watch announcers Madam program responded lawyers statements man prevent wife driving

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