For the first time in four years: an expected drop in water prices

For the first time in four years: an expected drop in water prices
For the first time in four years: an expected drop in water prices

The Water Authority Council approved today (Thursday) to publish for public hearings, a proposal to lower water tariffs for the home by 1.76% in early January 2022. The expected tariff reduction is the first since June 2017 and comes mainly from an increase in water sales revenue, linking the tariff to the index basket. Sources on previous years and more. The economic significance for the average consumer is a reduction of about NIS 5 to the periodic bill.

The tariff for the quantity sold (the low tariff) will now be NIS 7,506 per cubic meter (instead of NIS 7,641 per cubic meter), while the tariff for each additional quantity (the high tariff) will be NIS 13,475 per cubic meter (instead of NIS 13,717 per cubic meter). ).

Despite the increase in water economy costs resulting from investments by water and sewage corporations, updating of sewage costs, linking costs to the basket of indices and additional payments required as part of further assessments for desalination of desalinated seawater, maintaining stable water management, this reduction is Water and investments required in the national water economy.

By law, water tariffs must reflect their true cost, and are updated twice a year: in early January and early July.
Director of the Water Authority and Chairman of the Water Authority Council Giora Shaham: For tight and close control of the tariff, as much as possible. “

Against the background of global climate change and population growth, the water economy in Israel is in the midst of a long-term move aimed at ensuring a regular water supply to all its residents along with sustainable conservation of natural water sources and water supply to nature. In addition, Israel is a world leader in the field of wastewater treatment, thus providing water for agriculture and preserving the values ​​of nature in this difficult climate zone.

Thanks to the management of a responsible water economy, long-term planning and enforcement of the implementation of the Water Authority’s decisions.


time years expected drop water prices

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