Egypt.. The authorities are moving after a video of the “knife-knife student” threatening to kill their colleague

The educational authorities in Egypt announced the dismissal of two students who made a death threat to a female colleague, through a video clip that was broadcast on social media platforms, which angered local public opinion.

A number of social media users circulated a video clip showing two female students inside a school in Port Fouad in Port Said Governorate on the Red Sea, with a white weapon (a jackknife) brandishing it while threatening one of their classmates who seemed to be absent from school for fear of her.

In the video, a girl appears sarcastically threatening her classmate that she is lucky that she did not come to school, while the second says that she brought her a surprise, before a penknife appears and promises that she will give her the “gift” when she sees her.

And the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Port Said Governorate, Nabawi Bahi, indicated in exclusive statements to the local newspaper, Youm7, that this incident dates back to the past week, noting that “critical decisions were taken immediately, including the exclusion of the secondary director and the dismissal of the two students until the end of the investigation.”

The local newspaper “Al-Fajr” reported earlier that the director of Port Fouad’s administration, Mahmoud Badawi, had taken an urgent decision to dismiss the director who witnessed the school in her custody, and to prepare a detailed note of what happened, as well as the incident was transferred to the school’s protection committee and the administrative prosecution.

A number of social media activists in Egypt condemned the behavior of the two students, and some accused the school director of devoting herself to private lessons and not paying attention to her work.


Egypt authorities moving video knifeknife student threatening kill colleague

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