Elrai Price’s husband claims: “There are threats on my wife’s life”

Elrai Price’s husband claims: “There are threats on my wife’s life”
Elrai Price’s husband claims: “There are threats on my wife’s life”

Dr. Meir Price, the husband of the head of public health services, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, claimed today (Thursday) that there are threats to his wife’s life. In a Twitter tweet, Price addressed the Israel Police and Homeland Security Minister Omar Bar-Lev and wrote: “The Israel Police, Your Honor. Addresses you directly. There are concrete threats to my wife’s life. You know that, there are messages on the networks, there are phone numbers, there are explicit threatening calls. “You have the material. It’s time to act, now before it’s too late.”

The Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev, responded: “I strongly condemn the threats against Dr. Elrai-Price. There is no room for this kind of discourse against anyone, and certainly against dedicated public servants and experts in their field, such as Dr. Elrai-Price. “Three complaints have been filed on the subject in previous months and are under investigation. I am confident that the Israel Police will complete the investigation in a serious manner and get to the root of the matter.”

About two months ago, after the incident in the Knesset and Constitution Committee, when a harsh curse was heard against the head of health services, her husband Meir came to her defense, attacking both the anonymous blasphemer and the chairman of the Constitution Committee, MK Gilad Karib, who did not stop the discussion.

Dr. Meyer Price tweeted: “Zero cowardly cursed my wife and my late anger. The same zero, very much hopes that the Israeli police will get their hands on him soon. I would like to address the head of the committee, who did not find it appropriate to stop the hearing, find the speaker, remove him from the hearing and protect a public servant. Certificate of poverty and shame for the Knesset, the Constitution Committee and the Labor Party “


Elrai Prices husband claims threats wifes life

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