Bitcoin drops 3% to below $59,000

Bitcoin drops 3% to below $59,000
Bitcoin drops 3% to below $59,000

The negative performance returned to dominate most of the cryptocurrency’s performance in Thursday’s trading, with traders heading to implement quick profit-taking.

The value of “Bitcoin” fell at the beginning of trading today, by 3.23% to reach $58.95 thousand, losing about $1.96 thousand, according to data from the “CoinMarketCap” website, which specializes in monitoring the performance of cryptocurrencies.

The total market value of this cryptocurrency decreased during today’s trading by 5.9%, losing about $70 billion, after it fell from the level of $1.11 trillion to about $1.18 trillion.

It is noteworthy that on the weekly level, the “Bitcoin” currency tends to record losses estimated at 4%, with the transfer of interest in small currencies, the value of the Chiba in and Doug Coin.

On the level of other cryptocurrencies, the “Ethereum” currency fell in early trading by 6.3% to $ 4 thousand. The “Binance Coin” currency fell by 6.23%, recording the level of $ 454.2.

The “Cardano” currency also fell by 9.9%, to record the level of $1.93, and “Ripel” fell by 5.8% to $1.04.

In this morning’s trading, the total market value of digital currencies fell to about 2.49 trillion dollars, compared to 2.6 trillion dollars, losing about 110 billion dollars, equivalent to 4.2%.


Bitcoin drops

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