The founder Othman series, episode 68, with subtitles

The founder Othman series, episode 68, with subtitles
The founder Othman series, episode 68, with subtitles

The founder Osman series, episode 68, with subtitles. Watch the series, The Resurrection of Othman. Kurulus: Osman S02, the third season, the sixty-eighth episode, 68, with full subtitles, and in high quality, 720p HDTV. Watch directly online and download directly. The founder Othman Episode 68 focuses on the life of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The events of Othman’s Resurrection Episode 68 ended with the invader Othman cutting off the head of the assistant Rogats and the commander of his warriors after attacking the convoy he was leading.

Turgut Alp ambushed the Catalans, inflicting heavy losses on their ranks and defeating their leader in a duel, but he manages to escape.

Pope Gregor gets hit in the chest by an arrow that shoots him with a roar, but he survives after his treatment.

Bala recovers from her stomach injury from the Catalans, and the fetus remains alive.

In the events of the series Othman’s Resurrection, Part Three, Episode 68, the Catalans attack the women of the Kay tribe, and Othman’s wife Balah is injured in her stomach, and a bleeding occurs with her, which Aslihan manages to control and stop and save the life of the fetus she is carrying in her womb.

Meanwhile, Osman is gathered with Kosice, but his wife’s horse Balah comes to the tribe without her, and after a short time the women come carrying a wounded balah.

But the Catalans set a trap for the knights of Osman and the Kay warriors, and a large number of them were killed and wounded, and they returned to the heart. Jaktog tells what happened, but Othman expels him and reprimands him.

Osman investigates Gregor about the details of the secret he was hiding and knows all the details about the matter.

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